Invisible for the Day!

September 24, 2008
By Jacob Elliott, Jonesboro, AR

If I was invisible I would probably go to school non-invisible, and when my mom leaves to go to work I’ll turn invisible. I would go home for the day and sleep, of course I would have to walk home unless I jumped on the hood of a car, but that would be more dangerous than walking to the side of the San Francisco Bridge! But when I would go home I would go to people’s houses and wait for them to get home from something and scare them really bad. It would be so fun! I would probably take my four-wheeler, turn it invisible and get free gas!!! Not saying that’s a good thing but I’d probably be to scared to do it. But wouldn’t that be sweet?! So I would drive to a skate park and skate. It would probably freak the skaters out if the saw the board flipping with no one on it. After that, I would go to Burger King and take some food, go to Wal-Mart, find the key, and steal all the Playstation3 games! I would get a whole lot of Rock Band cases and sell them on eBay. It would be a busy day if I went invisible, it would be wicked. Everybody would be wondering what was happening, it would be pretty awesome. I would be a thief but I would still have fun.

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