September 24, 2008
By Shirin Khan, Jonesboro, AR

It all started on a hot summer day in June. I had just come home from swimming and I decided to hop in the shower before my parents came home. I came out of the shower and went to look into the mirror to brush my hair and I was invisible! I could not believe it I ran to the phone and called my mom panicking and screaming. “I will call the doctor and see if he can see you today honey.” She said. So she called the doctor and the doctor said he had never had a case of invisibility. My mom just said well honey I guess you can not go to school until you are all better. So I just decided why not take advantage of not going to school for a while and decided to go about my day and have fun. First I went to get lunch at a local café, I thought it would be pretty neat you know since I would not have to stay in line and I could just get in front of everyone and order. But let me tell you I was wrong! First off when I started to order the cashier got a little creped out at the fact that no one was standing there, there was just a mysterious voice coming out of no where! Then when I went to the register to get my food when they called my name that is when everyone was starting with their eyes practically bulging out of their head! You see even though they could not see me I could still see them. When others saw a sandwich moving at an empty table that is when I decided to leave the café and go somewhere else. So after I left the local café I decided why not head to the mall it was during the school day and I mean surely there would not be a lot of people there right? WRONG! When I got to the mall it turned out that a local school club was there! So I just said to my self who cares they cant see me so why worry. I went into a couple of stores and really wanted to buy some stuff but I thought to my self “there are so many people in the store and when they see clothes and a wallet floating in the air they might get a little suspicious and report it.” So I just decided to start walking back home because like I said even though they could not see me I could feel people staring at me when I picked something up or whenever I did some thing. When I got home I was very upset because I could not go to school and see my friends, and I could not go anywhere because people were getting suspicious. So I was stuck at home all alone. I decided to take a nap and just relax. When I woke up from my nap I walked past my mirror and guess what?! I was not invisible any more!!! I called my mom screaming with excitement! She was so glad to hear that. So the next day I went back to school and everyone was talking about an “invisible” person. They asked me if I had heard about it and how cool it would be and I just said “You have NO idea!”

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