Run or Die

September 23, 2008
By Eddie Rose, Aurora, OR

I slide out of the an alley, and run like the very fires of hell were after me, I turned and saw my comrades fall, the bullets leaving bloody holes in their deceased bodies
I return fire in an act of rage; two of my attackers fall
I scream in agony as a bullet hits my leg, I stumble and return fire as I right myself and try to run,
Lights fly on in many houses from hearing the gunfire,
The people scream, they don’t know what to do,
My pursuers fire another burst and bullets ratchet off the sidewalk next to my feet
A man runs out of a house with a shotgun, I run past him, he stands and fires at my pursuers in an attempt to save me, but the thud of him falling echoes in my mind,
A man rounds the corner ahead of me and pulls out a pistol,
I aim my 41mag; deaths calling rang out amongst the followed by the ping of a shell bouncing on the sidewalk
I drop my gun and stagger, he fires again and I fall,
I lay there moaning in shear pain as I see blood gush from my chest,
They laugh at my pain and agony; some of them kick me for their sick minded pleasure
One points his gun at me about to end my life
But on hearing the sounds of sirens, and they scatter
I cried out to God, because I knew that I was going home,
An ambulance drove up, I couldn’t see how many men jump out but one of them said that I would be all right, I knew he was wrong
The world started to fade; I fought hard to stay awake, but to darkness came closer,
The man put me on a stretcher, stay with me, was all I heard,
the world went dark, then I saw a light…

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