Lord Broadback

September 23, 2008
By David Phillps, Omaha, NE

Deadeye the water rat was following a trickle of water that ran through a ditch that he hoped would lead to more water. Deadeye was tattooed from head to toe and with him he carried a bow for long range. Ahead he spotted a shrew scout. He crouched down and took out his bow and an arrow. Deadeye, hence the name, was known for his bow accuracy. One arrow dropped the unfortunate shrew. Deadeye took his rapier. He continued on around a bend in the path and what he saw amazed him, a huge abbey made of a sapphire stone. The gates were wide open. Deadeye thought he could sneak in past all the mice, hares and moles. Then he saw the badger. The huge, bulky figure turned its head and saw Deadeye. Then the badger immediately ordered the gates to close. Then Deadeye saw the badger, a mouse whose fur was unusually red, and an otter. The badger had a long bow stretched taut, ready to fire.

The inhabitants of Blue-sky Abbey were all outside basking in the sun. The dibbuns were playing in the pond while the elders were watching them. They were all laughing and joking until Abbot Redback and Badgerlord Broadback noticed a water rat spying on them. Broadback yelled to Nutbeak the Owl gatekeeper to shut the gates. Then Abbot Redback shouted to Sister Scroll to get everyone inside. Skipper of Otters, Broadback, and Redback proceeded to the wall top. Broadback had a long bow just in case.

"Who are you!?" the badgerlord boomed. Deadeye the spineless water rat turned and bolted. Broadback shot an arrow at Deadeye, but the rat dodged and ran into the forest.

Deadeye wandered aimlessly looking for his tribe. When he finally found them he was not welcomed nicely since he came back empty handed. It had been a dry summer that year and no water was to be found. Deadeye told his story to the mixed band of water rats, stoats, and foxes.

"There was an abbey filled with peaceful looking creatures. Except one of them, a great big badger the size of and oak tree had a bow and shot at me. I did only the thing I could, run," Deadeye explained in a hushed voice.

"This abbey, we could use it soldiers. We can take it over! We would have control of ample amount of vittles and water!" their stoat captain Redtooth yelled. He rallied his fighters and they started of at a brisk march.

A council of war was set up in the Cavern Hole.

"What shall we do?" Lord Broadback asked.

"It was a lone water rat. What harm could he be?" Abbot Redback said.

"How do you know he was not a scout?" Skipper retorted.

"I think we should set up sentries on the wall tops around the clock. Keep every able-bodied creature ready. We may be attacked," Broadback suggested.

The pack of vermin rounded the bend and came within view of the sentries on the wall top.

Cellarhog Dwopple alighted down the wall steps yelling, "Band of vermin on the path coming this way!!" The badgerlord was the first one out of bed. All beasts were out on the grounds. The dibbuns and elders were locked in the abbey and the rest were armed and ready. A squad of archers and slingers were ready on the wall tops waiting for the vermin to get into range. The total number of abbey fighters was 78 including the archers and slingers. The vermin numbered over 100.

As the first rays of light broke over the sky, one word started the war.

"Chaaaarrrggeee!!" Redtooth screamed. The war has started. The first few bands of vermin were taken down by sling stones and arrows. Redtooth hung back to watch the action. The vermin just made it to the gate when buckets of rock and stone crashed down upon them. Then the abbey gates opened. A squad of fighters led by Broadback and Skipper took the ragged band of vermin by surprise. Broadback noticed Redtooth skulking into the ditch. Broadback was hit with a spear while he was glaring at Redtooth. Broadback, even though severely injured, weakly walked up the wall top, long bow in hand.

The war was lost. Redtooth knew it. When the band of fighters stormed out of the abbey, the vermin were done. Redtooth was now looking out for himself. He crawled into the ditch and tried to get to the forest. He heard a loud "Twang!" and looked up. The only thing he saw was the great Badgerlord and the arrow zipping towards him.

Broadback mustered up enough strength to pull back the bowstring and shoot. He stayed on his feet long enough to see the arrow meet its mark. Then the Badgerlord collapsed.

Broadback awoke in the infirmary to a large crowd of abbey inhabitants around his bed. Sister Medley hurried them all out telling them the badgerlord he needed his rest. Broadback the badgerlord was alive! The evil Redtooth and his band of wicked creatures were vanquished!

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This article has 7 comments.

caleb said...
on Oct. 14 2008 at 3:07 am
great imagination.

linsey123 said...
on Oct. 6 2008 at 2:33 pm
LOVED the story! :)

on Oct. 5 2008 at 11:01 pm
Well thought out and great word choice!

GetItDone said...
on Oct. 5 2008 at 2:54 am
David, you are farther along then I was in your grade. That bothers me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lucy said...
on Oct. 4 2008 at 4:10 pm
I am very impressed with this young writer’s imagination and vocabulary

skip said...
on Oct. 4 2008 at 2:42 pm
this was a wonderful and imaginative story written by a very talented person.

Brit said...
on Oct. 2 2008 at 5:46 am
I think your writing is very good. Your wording was very impressive.

Excellent job!!


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