Annual Avoid Day

September 24, 2008
Beep…Beep…Beep, my alarm goes off. It Reads 8:00a.m. “I’m late,” I say yawning. “Mom, where are you? Myles, Dad are you here?” Not even a cricket chirps. The car is still home but where could my family be. I run to the bathroom to take a quick shower before I go to school. When I get out, it’s 8:23a.m. I grab a shirt and shorts to throw on, no time to iron, already late as it is. I grab my house keys, although my parents should be here by the time I get home. I open the garage, jump on my bike and leave. On the whole ride, I see not a single cat. When I get to school it’s a race to my 1st period. No one in the halls. Finally I reach Mrs. Cobbs Science Class, but no one is in the room. “They are probably in the lab.” I say to myself under my breath. Now I find myself speeding to the computer lab. When I arrive to the desolate lab I start to wonder; where is everyone? I started to go from class to class to see if anyone was here. Nobody. I was getting a little scared now. “What could’ve happed to them?” I say in my head. I left the school and hop on my bike and start to ride. I rode for about an hour still no one. “Oh well.” I say on my way home to hang out. When I got home just dove in my bed and threw the covers over my head. After my nap it reads 8:53p.m. on my clock. I walked outside and every resident of Jonesboro, young and old, are outside of my house. “Happy Avoid Malik Day!” The crowd said in unison. When I heard this I went inside and went to sleep again, but this time for the whole night. I wonder who will be avoided tomorrow.

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