Murder At Midnight

September 30, 2008
By Caitlin Chamness, Littleton, CO

Murder at Midnight

Why? Cattie asked herself as she looked around her empty house. Why, was I left home alone tonight? As she got up off her bed she heard a sudden burst and thunder and then hail. It scared her half to death! Then all of a sudden there was a black out on her entire block right as she walked out her door. She walked towards the kitchen to get a flashlight to get the power back on or call someone about it. When she walked into the kitchen she tripped over her dog scruffy; she fell flat on her face in complete shock. As she shuffled to get back up she felt something sticky and slimy in front of her. She felt for the cabinet and opened it to get out the flashlight.
When she turned it on she wanted to see what the slimy stuff that was on the floor was. As she looked on the ground she saw her older sister Laura lying there; her cold, lifeless eyes just staring up at her. She burst out in tears as she looked for the phone to call 9-1-1. Suddenly, she heard a strange noise coming from the laundry room she clutched the phone: grabbed a knife: and walked towards the mysterious noise.

“What am I doing?” she thought to herself as she tiptoed towards the mysterious sound.
What if I am next? What if he or she is waiting for me? Just as she reached for the door, she heard the front door creak open and slam shut; she was completely startled. She spun around and booked it for the door.

When she made it to the front door she ran out the door and headed towards and hooded murderer. All the while trying to get a hold of the police. She caught up to him and tackled him and started to beat him as hard as she could. She removed his hoody to she who he was; it was her stepfather, covered in blood! She was so shocked she stood up and backed away from him. She heard the sirens coming her way and told him to turn himself in. He refused so she punched him; knocked him out; drug him back to her house; and got him arrested. Her little sister’s funeral was the next week. They never talked about it again. She thinks about her sister often but is not aloud to talk about her in front of her mother. This made her sad she wonders if she could have saved her.
One day Cattie was visiting her sister’s grave sat down next to her sister’s grave fell asleep next to it and never woke up again.

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