Day Dream Of A Night Mare

September 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Day Dream Of A Nightmare
Ah!! The feel of summer is like a back massage on the beach while watching a sunset. Summer is so wonderful that you forget about EVERYTHING!!
“Kayla! Kayla!” screamed Mr. Hole.
“Yes Mr. Hole.”
“What is the answer to number five?” Mr. Hole losing his patience.
“What?” said Kayla.
“ What have you been doing the whole time that we are grading our papers?” said Mr.Hole. Kayla totally just spaced out what he said. Kayla smacks herself thinking it is a really bad dream. All the kids in the class are laughing and giving her looks as if she is an alien .Kayla looks at the blank desk her paper is not out and neither is her pencil or grading pen.
Mr. Hole said “ OH NO you know what that means you get lunch detention!” “How about you day dream about that?”
“NO, Today I have lunch with all my friends!” Kayla yelled. “Cant I have detention after school or before school just not lunch time please?”
Mr. Hole thinks about it. “NO” ha ha ha. Kayla answers the question and puts her down before she says anything that she might regret. Kayla thinks to herself, and says I am already in trouble how much more could I get in. Kayla stand up and says-
“I was day dreaming about every were but here because this class is so boring!” “DO I HAVE ANYMORE LUNCH DETENTIONS?”
After class was dismissed Kayla was so hungry that she could eat a horse. She walked to her locker and got her lunch. Mr. Hole followed her. An hour after lunch was after some of the kids were worried because Mr. Hole and Kayla were gone. The cops were there in a flash and could not find a trace. Kayla did not return home after five hours and her parents got concerned. They called the cops and they have been on the job for five hours and can not find anything. Kayla’s parents were pondering why the cops did not call and it was so late to contact the parents? The parents tried to stay up all night to see if she would come home but they got hit with exhaustion and feel asleep. Her parents forgot that she was missing so they went to go wake her and saw a teddy bear sitting there with a note attached to its chest that said if you give me 40,000 I will give your daughter back. Kayla wakes up to two very big men.. Kayla tries to scream and starts to cry. The men come over and say: “Whats the matter sunshine?” “Do you want mommy and daddy?” Kayla is balling she is so scared that she cant even scream. Kayla! Kayla! Screamed Mr. Hole. Kayla wakes up to all these kids staring at her.
“You seem like you are very tired how about you go to the office and call your parents?” said Mr. Hole.
“Ok” said Kayla.
Mr. Hole signed her planner and she walked to the office and called her parents. Her parents answer the phone delighted to hear her voice.
“Are you ok?” said her parents.
“What” said Kayla.
“Did they brain wash you r something you have been gone for two day?”said her dad.
“Dad I have only been gone for five hours it is going to be okay!” Said Kayla.
Kayla’s dad looks at his watch and says: “It has only been five hours!” “I Must have been daydreaming………….”

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