Mr. Romano's Nemesis

September 29, 2008
By John Stebbins, Littleton, CO

Gunshots screaming! What was going on? All of a sudden two men stormed through my door. They blew the lock off which was my only defense. I went for my drawer to get my gun, but right as I grasped it they jumped on me.

The next thing I know I have a gun to my head in someone’s car. My head was throbbing but that was the least of my concerns. Who where these guys? Why had they taken me? Finally I asked “What do you want with me?” Then I figured it out. I had been working on a case about Mr. Tony Romano, their boss. He was head of one of the most gruesome mafia families in the Bronx.

We finally pulled up to their warehouse. I was very timid and scared of what they were going to do to me. The two men beat me down a little bit with punches to the gut and kicks to the head. Then finally Mr. Romano took over, which maybe wasn’t a good thing. He had his shotgun in his hand and he threatened to kill me. Instead he gave me a beating with his gun. I had gashes all over my head and torso from the barrel. I was thinking to myself I would rather be dead, but I truly didn’t mean it. I was lucky he just didn’t cock his gun and fire at my dome. I kept on telling him I would do anything for him. Then finally he got an idea. He wanted me to become part of the mafia, but he wouldn’t just let me say I would part of it. I had to be watched over by the two men that beat on me.

Even though I said that I would be part of the mafia I never said I would quit my job as an FBI agent. So my plan was to act like I was a loyal mafia member until it was the right time to pounce and get Mr. Romano.

Finally the right time had come. It was only Romano, his two men, and I at the warehouse. The two men wouldn’t let me carry a gun but I knew where they stashed them. My plan was to get a gun when my two guards weren’t watching and blow them to smithereens. Then I would call for Sampson, my long-term pal from the agency, and get backup. So finally I got the gun but the two men noticed. They pulled their guns out, but somehow I did some James Bond moves and killed them before they got me. It was time for Mr. Romano. He had heard the gunshots and rushed outside his office. I was standing there with my gun cocked and ready to fire. Then I thought it would be no good to kill him. Instead I would have him spend time in a cell. I threw a punch right to his head with my pistol, and then he countered. He got me with an uppercut. Then it was like a UFC cage fight. Finally I got him tied up to the chair so I could call Sampson. Sampson arrived with the whole squad. Mr. Romano was sent to a high security cell, and the mafia was shut down. I was successful and a hero to all of the Bronx.

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