War Childern

September 29, 2008
By Brian Mayberry, Littleton, CO

I sit with my finger on the trigger, waiting for the slightest movement for the enemy soldiers; behind the broken down bus. With every second that goes by, my blood is pumping and sweat is running down my tired face.

“We have a man down!” calls Sergeant Davis, in the sound of the gun fire bouncing off all the objects around us. I realize that we are stuck here until backup arrives. We can’t move forward, and if we retreat we will lose this battle.

Unaware that a sharp shooter is sitting on a roof, 150 yards away, Private Ryan is shot in the arm and he is bleeding very badly. He will lose it if help doesn’t arrive soon. I fire my M16 at the heads of the enemy and successfully take down five enemy soldiers, until I have to reload. I spot the sharp shooter that shot Private Ryan and I tell our sniper his location and he puts a clean bullet through the middle of his head. With him gone we moved from our cover and tried to circle the enemy. As we move Sergeant Lewis and Lieutenant Smith, were trying to get a signal, to call for back up; in this wasteland. It was up to us if we die, or live for one more day.
We had ammo in our rolled over Hum-v, which was hit by in RPG in the side of its armor, which caused it to roll. As I move closer a bullet from an AK-47 hits my leg and I fall to the ground, like a wrecking ball hitting a building. I pull out my M9 pistol, and lean against a road block and shot the enemy soldier right between his eyes. I put my pistol back and locate my M16. Using a lot of my strength and trying to fight the pain, I prop myself on a pile of dirt and continue to fight so we can win the battle to help us enter more parts of the city.
The words most soldiers don’t like to hear was, just called out. “Grenade!” someone yells. It lands by a tanker and when it blows up, it looks like the fourth of July. Private Ryan tries to get away but a piece of flying metal strikes him in the back, as he tried to take better cover and get away from the fight. He died as it hit him. More metal flew through the air and hit 7 enemy soldiers as they moved away. Over the sound of gun fire, my ear catches the sound of two fighter jets as they get nearer. It was music to my ears.
When they’re closer they drop to missiles right in the heart of this waste land. As we see them drop the troops run and I hobble as fast as I can to better cover. I hit the deck and the two missiles explode virtually on top of the enemy soldiers. I stand up using my gun as a crutch, and catch up to the troops. As we ride back to the base, I think to myself “I chose to live today, and die another.”

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