Turn Around

September 29, 2008
By Samantha Jessup, Littleton, CO

Turn Around

“What’s up?” He asked as his deep purple eyes burned into mine his blue hair rustled by the late October breeze.
“Not much but the sky is. Lelouch was supposed to be here a half hour ago, do you know where he is?” I told him my cheeks grew warm with excitement of my senior prom that was in less than a week.

“I don’t know, try calling him. He should have his phone on,” Ikuto suggested pulling his hair out of his eyes.

I picked up my phone and dialed Leleouch’s number- I am surprised I do not have him on speed dial yet.

After a few five rings, Lelouch picks up.
“Hello?” Lelouch answered as he usually does.
“Hey L, it’s me,” I said into the receiver about ready to light into him on his lateness.

“Oh hey you,” he replied nonchalantly.
“Are you close?” I asked getting ready.

“You’ve reached Leleouch’s voicemail. I will call you back if you leave your name and number and a message. Thanks!”
“You’re kidding me!” I exclaimed.
“What?!” Ikuto said jumping a foot landing on the bench we were sitting on making it vibrate.
“He didn’t answer! I’ll try again then I’ll text him.” When I dialed the number for the second time, it rang then I hope Lelouch picked up.
“Oh hey sorry my brother called. What’s up?” Lelouch told me.

“Where are you?” I asked relieved that he actually answered his phone this time.
“Home, why?” He said. Obviously, he had forgotten.
“You should be here where Ikuto and I are right now!”
“Okay. Where are you?”
“Mr. Café’s! You seriously don’t remember?” I asked the fire of irritation building up deep inside my chest.
“Remember what?” Lelouch said.
“UGH! You’ve got the attention span of a pancake!” I told him.
“Okay! I’m just kidding, I’m on my way,” He said finally.
“Why were you home?” I asked out of pure curiosity, it probably was none of my business but I still wanted to know.

“My mom was over and she’s sick. My brother and I are taking care of her for the weekend.”

“Your mom’s there? Well, that explains some of the questions I was about to ask.
How could you forget about the coffee break you planned?” I asked easing up a bit, at least he had a good excuse.

“Uh… I will talk to you when I get there. I am in the car. See you in ten,” Lelouch hung up and the line went dead.

“Okay…” I said closing my phone.

“Did he answer?” Ikuto asked rolling his eyes at my quick movement.

“Yeah, he was at home with his mom. He’s on his way over so we’ll see him in a bit,” I replied.

When Lelouch pulled up, I noticed that he had a dent on his front bumper like he had hit something. He also looked a little different and more cautious and careful than the Lelouch we were familiar with who was more confident, quicker, and stronger-willed.

“What happened? To your car I mean?” I asked motioning to his the dent on his car. The car looked a bit different too. Did he get new interior or something?

“Dumb bikers…” Lelouch said looking back at the damage. His voice even sounded different. I think its a bit late for puberty, we’re nineteen.

“What? You went biker bowling without me?” I asked teasingly.

“Nah, he ran out in front of me. I took him to the hospital he’ll be fine,” Lelouch regarded it like it wasn’t anything extreme. Right, he only hit a dude on a bike.

Just then, another car that looked exactly like Lelouch has pulled up as we were heading into the café. The person that looked like the Lelouch we know stepped out and greeted us, saying that the Lelouch next to me is named Kato. What is going on here? I thought Kato was Lelouch’s brother. He walked over to us and then he saw my expression.

“What?” Lelouch said, “Oh, about me being late? Bad traffic on the way in.” I still just looked at him, then to the person next to me and back again.

“Why are you looking at me like that? It’s creepy,” Kato said. Then I understood what was going on. I had mistaken Kato for Lelouch. Oops, my bad.

“Oh, never mind I figured it out. I was confused because you two look so much alike,” I told them.

“HA! You actually thought I was Lelouch? Look, we may be twins but there is no way I could look like Lelouch. I just don’t measure up,” he said as he flung his hands up to point at Lelouch, his hand hitting me square in the nose and nearly giving me a bloody nose.

“OY! What the-“ I started but Ikuto caught me and dragged me back to the bench we were previously sitting on and sat me down. My blood boiled and I felt something stir deep down inside me, the same thing that usually triggers something that may have some people questioning their own sanity, something as unreal as unicorns and fairy tales that just might surprise you.

“Don’t go on a rampage now, Mi, not here,” he warned. I felt like a child scolded by the parent.

“Grrr!” was all I could say. He knows I hate it when people dope me then hit me. It always sent me off my rocker.

The blood boiled over and, despite Ikuto’s warnings, I began to morph into the damned thing that I am. A fire sprite.

“Sorry Ikuto, can’t be helped,” heading towards Kato, I began casting the forbidding spell that sends the people to their own personal nightmare, and aimed it perfectly at his chest.

“Namine NO!” the spell hurtled toward him and Lelouch jumps out in the spells path. I was unable to recall the spell now that it was sent.


The author's comments:
I've written alot more stories but they are waaay longer. I'm on my second book and i'm trough typing up the first 5 1/2 chapters and there are about 70 pages so far. My interests are about all things anime and all my friends share my interests too. my hobbie is drawing anime for my friends, family and myself.

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