September 29, 2008
There was screaming, crying, crashing, and many other sounds but I was focused on my job, and what I needed to do. Flying down the street with my crew in our quadrant, we saw what had really happened. Smoke rising from the building, and people running out of it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could something happen like this; we jumped out of our truck and headed up into the building to save as many people as we could. Flight after flight of stairs all I could see was smoke then I got to where the plane entered, it was bad-scary bad.
After about thirty minutes of saving people I could see something in the sky. It got closer and lower every second, then I figured out what was going to happen. Calling my sergeant I yelled to get everyone out of tower two but it was to late tower two was hit as another terrorist attack. More quadrants showed up to help get people out. The ground started to shake and the building start to fall apart. I ran as fast as I could while leading someone out. We got to the last floor and helped the person to another fire fighter. The man and the fire fighter just got out of the building while it was falling. A cement block crushed my legs as I was heading out the door; the building collapsed covering me with rubble.
Looking and looking for the radio I finally saw it about four feet away. I stretched with everything I had, it was about six inches away from my reached but it felt like miles. I tried so hard to move the cement block but nothing was working. I gave one last chance to grab the radio. Stretching father then I ever had, but then in my hands was a cold, plastic, square. I clenched the radio and pulled it back. I called my sergeant right away and said that I was trapped right in front of the door but had no idea where that was at now.

I sat and sat just waiting and thinking about what was happening out there and what my family was doing, if they even knew I was trapped. There were clouds of ash, smoke, and debris everywhere people were running and screaming. You could barely see in front of you. That is what it was like out there.
I started to get tried and fall asleep but I didn’t because I could go into a coma if. Hours past and feeling in my body started to go away and I was losing consciousness. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. Then I heard my names being called screaming back I noticed that is was my sergeant coming to get me. They pulled me out though this tiny whole and got me on a stretcher. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately under went surgery. I have started rehabilitation classes to get my legs working again.

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