The Day Of Terror

September 29, 2008
By Andrew T, Littleton, CO

It was a nice morning in Manhattan NYC. I was getting ready to go to school when it happened. I heard a loud explosion. I looked out my room window and 2 blocks down were the World Trade Centers. I immediately looked toward them. I had noticed something different about the buildings. I saw fire and debris falling off of one building. I now notice the World Trade Center had an explosion.

I went into the other room. My mom was crying so much. I was so curious. I asked my mom “What Happened!” and the response was not so good. My dad works in the World Trade Centers. I started to get scared . The phone rang, it was my dad! I was so scared I chewed my fingers off. I was hoping for good news. I was right! My dad told me he worked on the 47th floor! He was ok because the plane hit 33 floors above him.

I still had to go to school. I was scared all day. I was waiting for the bell to ring so I could go home and see where my dad is. The clock finally hit 3:15 and the bell rang. I was so happy I ran home. I had burst thru the front door to my house. I yelled "Mom!" I heard her answer me. But I could tell she was crying. I started to get scared again. My whole body felt like I was going to get sick. I asked my mom why she was crying again. She showed me an image on her laptop. It was a junk yard. My mind took a little while to figure out that the World Trade Centers Collapsed.

But my mom told me my dad made it out. But he was one block away when it collapsed. So my dad did get covered in debris. But I finally looked outside and our street had alot of paper and dust. Even our windows were covered with that black dust. I did not notice the streets were covered in the dust. I was too busy running home from school. But then the front door opened.

I thought it was the cops. But It was my dad. He was covered in dust and sweat. He looked like a tornado of dust. I was crying happy. But he did not talk for the next 4 hours. When he did I took that chance to appreciate my dad lived. The rest of the night my dad told me all about it. I was very lucky. I am so happy that my dad is alive.

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sfhr1992 said...
on Oct. 2 2008 at 2:14 am
Amazing! I love the plot! Great Job!


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