Off The Cliff

September 29, 2008
Bill clenched his fist and sighed at the thought of getting out of bed. He knew he had to, but still, he dreaded it! He sat up and rubbed his head, back hunched, still half asleep, he had a big day ahead of him coming ahead of him! It was a foggy chilly Sunday morning. He dug his feet out of the relaxing covers then he satisfied himself with some delicious breakfast. He got a few cold water bottles ready and tossed them into his new hiking backpack.
Bill jumped into the car as fast as a horse on fire! It was already 8: 00am! Jason would be very irritated if Bill arrived late! No matter how early Bill left for anything; he was usually late! Bill drove for a few boring hours then finally he reached his stop- he saw Jason’s rusty old car in one of the parking spaces, Bill smiled. He hoped out of the car in excitement! “Are ya ready to get climbing?” he yelled! This was the first time Bill had ever hiked a full fourteen thousand foot mountain! He remembered he tried to hike one once but it didn’t work out!
It was extremely hot! Bill felt like he was burning in hot oven at 450 degrees! They hiked quickly down the rocky path. After a while, some shade came into view1 Jason plopped down on the gravel and started shuffled through his backpack for some fresh water. Bill glanced down the path and noticed the math was getting steeper and narrower; they only had about 2 and a half feet wide of the dirt path then there was a huge rocky drop off that led to the icy river. “We have to be extremely careful now.” Jason nodded in agreement then

forced himself to get up and start walking again. Bill slowly started pacing the gravel; he was nervous and cautious of every one of his movements.

After a few minutes of walking on the short walk way, they got used to it and they relaxed. “THUD AHHH THUD THUD BANG CLANG HELPPPP…!” A loud sound interrupted the silence. “Help,” Jason screeched! His arms were bloody and bruised as he was hanging off the side of the rough cliff. Panicked, Bill dropped down in front of him to aid in any way possible! Bill grabbed Jason’s hand and tried to haul him up. Jason’s body wouldn’t budge. His shoe was stuck between two rocks. “OWW,” Jason cried! Bill bent down to the stiff rock and tried to pry his shoe out; the shoe was too tight. Jason started to shift and slide his foot out. After a minute or so, Jason finally tugged his foot out! Bill pulled Jason up as fast as he could. They both lay on the dirt for a few seconds to catch their breath.
Finally Bill sat up and asked, “Are you ok? Did you break anything?” “No… no I’m pretty sure I didn’t, I will be okay. Let’s just start heading back. “Can you walk?” Bill sighed in relief! “Yes, let’s go call someone.” They descended down the mountain so they could get to there cars and call someone. Thank goodness they were okay. Both of them couldn’t forget about how the loud noise shot through their ears and how they panicked. They knew they had gotten lucky.

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Aunt Tricia said...
Oct. 3, 2008 at 9:40 am
Your dad has some exciting hiking stories! Next time he wants to go hiking, I think I will pass!!!
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