Late Night Trouble

September 29, 2008
By caleb scales, Jonesboro, AR

Well, my Mom had just put me in charge of my little cousin Jamal. Now I told him that his feet need back in this house at 9:00pm sharp on the dot and he said, “Don’t worry a problem you have nothing to worry about.” So tell why it is five minutes till 9:00 and I haven’t even heard the screen door creak or the locks unlock. Then I call his cell and do you I got this boy’s voicemail I left a bad message, Jamal has got me so mad my head is doing the “Exorcist” thing! Once again I’m waiting and what do you know Mr. Cant Read Time through the door at 12:00am in the morning. So I walk up to him and said, ‘Before I painfully hurt do I even want to hear your explanation or do you at least have one he said no. Well then it’s time for your punishment, Jamal said, “Please not the face.” No TV and cell phone for 1 week and after school you come straight home nowhere else, understand Jamal answered, ‘yes sir’. Cool then now that is settled you need get ready for bed, good night. When my mom got home I told her what had happened and what I did she asked me why that punishment? Since this is his first time getting into trouble Jamal’s punishment was more like a watch it instead of a harsh punishment. My mom asked, ‘Did it work’. I said, ‘Oh yeah he comes in thirty minutes early now.’

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