The Tragedy

September 29, 2008
In a little town called Hamden Central, there was a little peaceful house on the corner of Fallen Star Ave. and Broken Moon Cir. There was silence inside the Makers house. BRINGGGGGGG the sound of an alarm clock, waking the Makers and starting another average day, so they think.

“Billy, hurry up your our going to be late for school: AGAIN!” his mom yelled. Billy is the 13 year old and the man of the house. His father, Joseph, died a couple years earlier in a power plant accident. After the death, the family became very wealthy from the fathers insurance. His mom a 38 year old, currently dating is a five star restaurant manager, and a very eco friendly woman.

“Mom, have you seen my hairspray,” Kristina hollered. Now Kristina is 16 but currently is having a little more trouble with the law than any 16-year-old girl should be in, but she is a very creative girl.

“No,” her mom replied, “if I knew where it was it would be gone, you know that does to our earth.”

“Yes I know, but I really don’t care, mom my hair really needs that stuff otherwise it gets all frizzy.” Then silence came and Kristina came down the stairs with an attitude knowing she had lost the battle.

“So, what’s for breakfast,” Billy asked. Their mom replied with a swift, pancakes. The two kids cheered. Everyone in Hamden Central knew that their mom made the best homade pancakes in the world.

“Now off to school, Billy goes straight to school and hurry, same to you Kristina, got it,” their mom said with a serious face. Got it, they both said in harmony. As they went out the door they gave their mom a hug and said they loved her. Kristina doesn’t have to walk as far as Billy because her school is just down the street and Billy’s is another half a mile further.

“See you later Billy” Kristina said and then ran as fast as she could toward her boyfriend, Max. As Billy was walking toward school he looked back and saw a red SUV that had been following him the whole way. When he turned back around, a couple seconds later he heard the sound of an engine speeding up. When he turned around again the SUV was gaining. Billy started running as fast as he could, than he was on the ground blacking out, the tragedy has begun for the Makers.
When Billy woke up he couldn’t remember what had just happened but realized he was in an abandoned warehouse. Then he heard voices he couldn’t understand. He was thinking to himself that, maybe it was Spanish.

“No,” he said he was taking Spanish in school. Then he realized that it had to be Japanese. He just knew it. His dad was a POW during Pearl Harbor and learned to speak Japanese fluently, so Billy knew it was Japanese.

“Hey you pay attention when I’m talking to you, that’s survival skill number one,” one of the Japanese guards said. Billy was surprised that the man spoke English every other person he heard, he knew that they couldn’t speak let alone he understand English. Judging by the mans accent and voice Billy knew the man was serious. It was going to be hard to survive. It was going to be a long life in captivity.
When Kristina was leaving school she said good-bye to Max and was going to go to Billy and her meeting place. Kristina was waiting for approximately two and a half hours when she called home. She heard the dial tone then dialed home. “Mom have you heard from Billy he’s not here?”

“No, the school called and said he didn’t show up,” her mom replied with a worry in her tone. "Kristina hurry home before something happens to you too, ok," her mom said with a scare. With that Kristina took off. She didn't want to go where Billy was, even though she loved her brother.

When Billy woke up the next day he was outside. The outside was blinding. Apparently that building is very old and has bad ventilation. Then all of the sudden he heard those voices again but it sounded like they were talking to someone on the phone because he couldn’t here the replies.

The voice said “of course I’ve got the kid, thanks to you the cops are all over the building so he’s in the yard and has to stay in my close watch.” Then the kidnapper waited for a reply and Billy heard, “you better hope we get the money otherwise I’ll expose you and it’ll expose me too but I won’t be with you much longer anyway.” Billy wondered what I won’t be with you much longer meant anyway. That will always a mystery. Then the voice started getting louder and said, “he’s up, if he heard anything were toast, hey kid did you here anything?”

Billy replied with a scare in his voice and a lie, “no I promise on my own grave I….I……I just woke up sir PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!”

“Huh, kid you got alotta guts screaming like that if anyone heard you your dead got it!” That reminded Billy of the last thing he told his mom.

Then he started to cry and said, “what do you want from me anyway what did my family do to you, huh?” telling off the man in sob.
The man replied with a harsh, “the money and the wealth, your pop, I worked for him and he didn’t give me a raise before we killed him so we want are share of the wealth nothing against you personally but maybe some day.”

“I think I heard voices over here come on corner them,” a surprise voice said but both guys knew it was the cops. They found the lair.

Then the kidnapper yelled, “come any closer and I shoot the kid!” Then there was a BOOOM. The kidnapper looked down and saw blood trickling down his chest and before he could retaliate he collapsed.

Then the cops came over the fence and saw Billy and charged saying “GET HIM.” Then at that moment Billy knew they weren’t cops they were more enemies.

To Be Continued……..

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