My Death

September 29, 2008
It all ended on that day when I figured out my life was going to change forever. First off, my name is Allen Jackson. I live in a small town called Edgeville. My mom and dad died when I was six years old and my brother died four years ago because he got real sick and he had a disease called cancer.
I’m 14 now but when I was 10, I don’t know what it was but he would look worse everyday and then on a rainy Sunday night he told me that he would miss me… and then he was quiet and limb. I knew he would go up to heaven where cancer wouldn’t hurt him anymore. So I was happy for him. I guess that’s all you need to know for now. Oh, by the way I live in a little alley way where I sleep in a dumpster. I had cleaned it out after I found it two years ago so it’s not that bad.
It was a Tuesday and I had found a bread stand on the corner of Ray Street. I had already thought of my plan to take most of the bread without him knowing it. I was going to break my ankle while running past his stand and tell him to get a doctor or someone. Then when he left I would take about 75% of his bread or whatever percent. I was going leave some there because I don’t want him too heartbroken about his bread being gone.
I was running down past his stand when I actually tripped on a tree limb that had fallen off the nearby tree and I fell toward the middle of the road. I barely had a clue what was going on at the time and then I saw it. A black ford mustang was about two yards away from my utter destruction. I would say he was going 40mph. he spun out of control and ran into a semi truck with a tank of gasoline. Yeah I know what the odds of this happening to me? The gasoline spewed from the tank and right into my face and a little bit on my clothing.
The mustang started running again and the worst then happened. Mustang had some type of nitro on it for racing down town. The gasoline caught on fire and I had to be right there in all this mess. The fire caught onto my face and it was the worst pain I had ever felt. This stinging in my eyes and the heat was unbarring and I thought that this was it…I thought this would be the day that I would be taken away from the world I had known all my life.
It was silent…I felt nothing. I could only here the thoughts coming from my head. Was I dead? No I didn’t think so. All I could see was a very bright light above me. I started to hear very faint voices, like a whisper. It was all very blurry and bright. What was wrong with me? Where in the world was I? Then all in one second the pain and feeling impelled my body. I still could only see the whiteness of nothing.
Someone yelled “Get an ambulance! Hurry!” but I didn’t care if an ambulance came or not. I was most likely going to die very soon. But why did this happen to me? Did I deserve this? I just wanted some nice hot bread because I cant get a break. then I noticed the bright light fading into nothing. This was it. I was dying and I would go to heaven and be with my family again. For eternity. I was kind of happy. Maybe dying wasn’t so bad. I was glad. I haven’t been glad in a long time. I was no longer with the world, I was with my family.

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E.R.13 said...
Oct. 5, 2008 at 1:14 am
Depressing...we do have that down to a science.
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