Secret Pranksters

September 29, 2008
When a person opens up their locker, they expect to see their textbooks and lockers. Or at least that’s what I expect to find. Instead, I was greeted by loads of raw fish! FISH! Who would do such a thing? Around school, I though I was generally liked by everyone. I mean, I am on the debate team, captain of the lacrosse team, and president of FCCLA. I’m just one of those all-around girls. So who would do such a cruel and gross thing to me? I certainly need to find out.

In all of my classes, I told everyone of the mysterious incident involving tons of dead sea creatures just magically appearing in my locker. No one seemed to know who had done it. I went home, baffled, thinking that no matter what, I was going to figure out who the mastermind was behind this whole locker ordeal.

So later on that night at about seven o’ clock, I received a text message from a private number. It read: Did you like the fish I stuffed in your locker? I was getting beyond creeped out. I instantly replied, Who is this? Whoever had sent the message didn’t reply back. I was starting to really scared at this point because whoever the perpetrator was knew both my cell phone number and locker combination.

The next day, I opened my locker to find a note that said:
I am going to reveal to you who I am, but you have to promise that once you find out, you will not get mad. Turn around in ten seconds and I will be standing behind you.

I turned around to see my two best friends Francesca and Natalia. When I saw who it was, I just started laughing. I couldn’t believe they had pranked me so well! Even though it left a disgusting smell in my locker, I must say that was the best prank anyone had ever pulled on me!

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