The Bad Gift

September 29, 2008
By Matthew Brandon, Jonesboro, AR

It was a cool, damp, Friday morning and I lazily woke up. I stumbled out of my bed and into the shower. Usually in the mornings I feel invisible, but today was completely different. I was, quite literally, invisible! I noticed this as I was combing my hair and was looking in the mirror. I’ve been in trouble plenty of times before, but I didn’t know how I was going to get through this.
How did this happen to me? Was I really invisible or were my eyes just deceiving me? Si I waved my hand in front of the mirror. Nothing! I must have still been asleep and dreaming so I pinched myself, and quickly found out that I was awake. I was about to freak out. What if my parents didn’t find me? What if they never saw me again? There were so many questions that still remained unanswered. I quietly walked back to my bed and got to thinking. I thought the whole day through.
First, I left a note saying that I rode the early bus to school. Then, I figured that no one can see me, so I can get away with anything and not get caught. I knew I was using this gift the wrong way, but I couldn’t help myself. So I started running through the halls towards out school’s money vault. Everyday money that has been donated to the school and money that is earned through school lunches or fundraisers get put in a vault in the principal’s office. As soon as he opened the safe I would, using amazing stealth skills, sneak in and take my fortune! Not long past the usual time he comes in, the principal rushes in with an arm full of cash. He dials the code to the vault and throws the money in the vault. Just as he is about to close the vault, his secretary calls him. He went to phone leaving the vault open. This was my chance! I couldn’t believe in a million years I would be here in this situation about to steal from the place, the place that I loved to come to five days a week! I ran for the bank and grabbed as much money as my pockets and arms could hold. Then, I turned around to leave. There with horrified, angry expression on his face was standing the principal. I was about to slowly walk around when he shouted, “STOP RIGHT NOW”. I stopped and looked around the room. There in the mirror across the room sat a frightened looking boy with hands full of money. I had been caught! Soon after the principal tackled me and locked the money safely in the vault, I was sent to jail. Charged with theft, I spent the whole six months of my time thinking on what I had done. Would my parents rather see me as a thief or not at all? That was when I learned my lesson.

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