Earth's End

September 28, 2008
The Year was 2 billion and 1 when the remaining people of Earth started to notice a slightly large heat increase. They were confused because it was hotter in December and everyone knew that snow never existed but was just a myth. You see the earth has been covered in a layer of trash and debris that the suns rays could not be reflected off like it has in the past 1 billion years or so. Instead it would continue to get hotter and hotter. That was when the first humans left for the newly found and quite inhabited plant of Zarr. Though most stayed behind because they feared their green lands and blue oceans, all they knew of was their brown wasteland that they called home.

When it got so hot that it was unbearable to go outside without a protective radiation suit more people traveled to Zarr even though they feared it. They just wanted to get out of the unending heat of the sun. Oh the merciless big red sun. The humans have stopped trying to see when the sun would explode millions of years ago so nobody thought that it would go bang now. And why should they since they had found another world to inhabit.

A few years later over 99% out of 100 humans have either been teleported or if they couldn’t afford that then flew in there big fancy Spaceships that sparkled a techno silver. The remaining humans either were too lazy or just to tired because of the heat that they stayed indoors and drank the day away.

One very sunny day it got to a temperature of over 400 degrees. The heat broke all the coolers and evaporated all the water. Plus the fact that the last ships that were hear to take of for Zarr left so the people that were left on earth would suffer the worst yet the quickest death when the sun finally collapsed on itself.

At first the sun was huge and brilliant in all its radiant glory, the next it imploded and made such a bang that the humans and aliens on Zarr could hear it. The people that were on earth went death in an instant and an instant later became ash to float with the rocks and other unknown things in space as the entire universe vanished with the sun.

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