Inside the Day of a Girl in Sadness

September 28, 2008
I sit in class staring at the clock waiting for this school day to be over. Kids are going crazy all around me, Jumping on desks, screaming, ramming into each other like football players trying to see who’s stronger. So Immature, I’m thinking to myself. The teacher comes over and hands back my test. I failed again. I don’t know what’s happening I used to be on the honor roll, now I’m lucky to even have a "C". Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Time seems to be standing still, wanting my misery to never end. Another fifteen minutes go by. Finally I hear my savor, RINNGG! School is over. I walk out into the crowded halls. I see girls dressed like prostitutes, white guys trying to look gangster and cursing after ever word. Its so pointless. These are the people I’m stuck with for the next four years of my pathetic little life. I make my way out to the car and take my spot in the back seat. I reach into my bag and grab my ipod. I slip in my earphones like I’m accustomed to doing everyday. It’s so loud it feels like my ears might start bleeding but I don’t turn it down, anything to drown out the sounds of the hopeless world around me. I get to my tiny house in the middle of nowhere. I feel so tired and stressed. I think about my day and start crying until I fall asleep. I wake up around eight, still tired but I no I have my school responsibilities, homework in every class, four projects due next week. It’s extremely overwhelming. I doze off a few times but manage to finish around ten or eleven. I had no time for dinner not even now. It’s late so I lay in my bed, crying myself to sleep knowing that I have to do it all again tomorrow.

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