September 27, 2008
lonley, sad, there is no words to express, theres like this huge cloud of sadness around me. I cant stop cying, its like all i wont is a hug, someone to talk to, to tell them my secrets. But there is no one. im alone in this fight and yet the only thing im fighting is myself. the pain gets worse everyday i get no break. my life is so twisted its like i live to lives and in both of them im sad. i wonder how people can live happy with no prolems. all i wont is to be loved without all the drama that comes along with it. to smile and mean it, to laugh and be happy is a dream. and dreams never come true. im like a clown hidden by makeup and a drown up smile, when in all reality im crying. But the teas are real, each one means something, each one has a story.

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