To Be Beautiful

June 17, 2013
Beauty. Everyone wants to be beautiful. You can't help it. You can't help but imagine what it would be like to be like Cinderella, to waltz into a room and have everyone look at you and gasp in awe of your marvelous physique. Everyone dreams of having lustrous hair, shining eyes with long, thick lashes, and a perfect body. It's no shocker that most people value beauty over intelligence, athleticism, and other matters. You might not admit it, but you do to. Being beautiful is a gift, a blessing, a safe haven from what everyone else goes through. It's a get out of jail free card. Being beautiful means the world is in your perfectly manicured hands. It's no shocker what everyone endures for the sake of beauty. Life-threatening crash diets, foot-squelching heels, and dresses that compress your waist to the point of fainting. Beauty sells. Look at all of the cosmetics companies and lingerie lines. Don't let people make money off of our superficial need for beauty. Don't let society win this. No, not everyone is traditionally beautiful. No, not everyone looks like a supermodel. But does that mean you need to go out of your way to buy designer clothing or plastic surgery? Beauty doesn't last forever. Even the prettiest of us all will end up ugly and shriveled up in a nursing home. So, let's make a pact to stop it with the fight for beauty. Let's end our battle to be beautful today.

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