September 26, 2008
My bags were packed and ready by the front door. I had everything that I could possibly need. But I didn’t have a clue as to what that might be. I knew nothing of where I was going to. Only that it was ‘someplace else’.
About a month prior to this, I received a letter. Not like a lovely little postcard from a friend on vacation, but a very formal, superlative looking letter. I removed, very carefully, the shiny delicate seal, and began to read. To save time let’s just say that these people wanted me to come and live on this ‘campus’ with other kids my age. It sounded fairly intriguing, so I went to their listed website to check it out. It looked to me, like pretty much a summer camp. But they didn’t disclose the location exactly. They just said in the mountains. I mean, exactly how many different mountains could that be? My parents, as busy as they are, “didn’t have time to look into it, so they just filled out the appropriate forms and put in a check. That’s when things started to click.
I realized that I wouldn’t know anyone there. I didn’t even know where I was going! Literally, for I all I knew, my parents were shipping me off to some unheard of island! But it was too late. The doorbell rang, and the ‘representative’ was there to take me away.

We drove for quite a while before I fell asleep. When I woke up the road had become very steep, nonstop curves ensued, and I thought I would puke all over that dude. Yes, I called him ‘that dude’ because I never knew his name. if figured that since the roads were winding so, we must be getting closer to the, uh, camp. I hadn’t thought to wear a watch, but by the amount of light left, I figure it was probably around six-o’clock. We pulled into a long driveway and I was escorted to the door. My stomach growled and I realized that I hadn’t eaten lunch. At that time, I was being led into a fairly large room with enough food for several dozen people. But ‘that dude’ led me past all the warm, comforting food and into a small hallway. I was told to wash up and then return to ‘the feasting hall’. I kind of chortled to myself, thinking about how ridiculous that sounded.
I ate more food that night than I had thought was humanly possible. My belly was full, and I was ready to sleep. ‘They’ seemed to know this and led me up a winding stairwell, to the ‘dormitories’.
When I got to my room, all of my things were neatly tucked away in dressers and drawers. The bed was turned in, and I was ready to as well. But on my pillow I found a nametag that read:

Ms. Rachelle Bolin

The only thing wrong with that name tag, was that my name is Bridget. I thought, hmmm. Maybe they put this in the wrong room, or maybe I’m in the wrong room. Or maybe, I have a room mate. But as I explored the room, I realized that there was only one bed, one dresser, one desk. Then I opened the closet. Now, mind you, that this isn’t a college dorm. This closet was HUGE!!! It wasn’t just a walk-in, but about the size of my dorm room! This room made the amount of clothes I brought look like an overnight bad. It was stocked with all the latest trends from the top labels and I was looking around when I noticed a lady standing at the door.
“Hello.” She said.
I replied with a simple “Hi.”
“I see you’re enjoying your closet?”
“Oh yes!” I said gratefully. “If you don’t mind my asking, who are you?”
“My name is Ellie. I came to explain to you your schedule and how things work around here.”
“Alright.” I said inquisitively.
“In the morning, you will come to the feasting hall for breakfast and the activity of the day will be announced. Your leader will take you to all the activities and meals.”
I must have had a confused look on my face, because then she said,
“Oh, sorry. The administrator will announce leaders at breakfast as well. From there your leader will tell you anything else you need to know.
“Thanks.” I said politely, but I was ready for her to leave.
“Your welcome. Good night Rachelle.”
“Oh, my name’s Bridget.” I said, still trying to be polite, but I started to wonder why people thought I was Rachelle.
“NO. Your name is Rachelle.” She said almost like a robot. “Good night” she then said with a big smile.

The following morning in the feasting hall, I was supposed to be assigned my leader. But I didn’t hear my name called. I went up to Ellie, who was announcing the groups, to ask why my name wasn’t called.
She said, “It was called. You’re in Mr. Smith’s group.” She acted like I should know what she was talking about. Anyway, so and stood with the other people standing around the man with Mr. Smith pinned on his shirt.
“Ok. Let’s call roll.” Said Mr. Smith.
“Rachelle. Ok, well I guess she’s not here.” He continued to go down the list and when he was done he said. “Is there a name I didn’t call?”
I shyly raised my hand and said, “Yes, you didn’t call me. My name is Bridget.”
“NO. Your name is Rachelle Bolin.” Again, in that robotic like voice.
I said, “ No, my name is Bridget.”
“Excuse me. But I believe that your name tag says Rachelle Bolin.”
“Well it’s wrong.” I said, starting to get ticked off.
“It is never wrong. Do not question me again.”
That’s when I started to get worried.

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