On Death's Bed

September 26, 2008
By Erica Aper, Park City, UT

The sun beat down on the cobbled stones with unfaltering fierceness not even caring about all the people crowded together in the small courts yard. As the sun watched gleefully as waves of heat came off the ground, but for all of the suns hard work it did not seem to affect the people standing stock still in the courts yard staring at the iron grilled door.

With a terrifying screech the door was forced open by the two scrawny guards that couldn’t have weighed more that 90lbs each. But no one was looking at the guards they were staring as if in a trace at the arched doorway that resembled a huge gaping mouth. Out stumbled a man or what used to be a man he more so resembled an animal than a human. With his eyes bulging and mouth gaping wide with shock but instead of hatred for the people that would be responsible for his death they saw only disappointment. Disappointment for the people that do not understand sacrifice.

As he was dragged towards his death he caught sight of the one thing in this world that he didn’t want to see. His son. The boy was standing by his enemy’s side held fast by one arm how he wondered how had that man that evil vile man gotten hold of his son, and why, why did the judge not respect his last wishes that his son go to a good family and not to the man that now held his gaze giving his a tiny little smirk that he knew that even in the afterlife he would never forget.

As his restless spirit was unleashed from is fleshy prison he drifted towards his son yelling his name in a high-pitched voice screaming for him to come to him. But the boy didn’t hear him didn’t see him could only stand there weeping in grief for his lost father who in the end had never committed a crime and was needlessly killed. As he stood there watching his son the one person he had ever really truly cared about in this world weep over his dead body he was overwhelmed with a feeling of revenge. He would get the man standing next to his son giving him comfort even if he went to hell for it, it better than watching his son grow up living a lie about how his father was a horrible criminal and that his man this evil vial man standing next to him was a good loyal friend of his fathers and would look after him and take care of him. Yes, he would get his revenge.

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