Turtle Inside Me

June 25, 2013
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The animal inside me wears all kinds of One Direction shirts and bright colorful skinny jeans with classic black converse.
She is afraid of being judged by everyone daily,
and eats only food that is the color of purple and red.

The animal inside me despises all pretty girls and country folk.
She lives in Niall Horans Closet for the time being until her home is finished being made,
and plays with all of Niall Horan's guitars.

The animal inside me sings loudly when she is all alone.
She has a collection of different buttons with different pictures and sayings on them from hottopic,
and really enjoys the time she spends around her friends.

The animal inside me loves to listen to her favorite bands, Asking Alexandria and One Direction, everyday.
She is waiting for her eighteenth birthday to arrive in six months,
and wishes that time would speed up already to that date.
And sometimes when no one is looking, the animal inside me dances around crazily while singing super loud to songs by One Direction.

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