Autumn's Perfect Night

September 25, 2008
By Ninjabird BRONZE, Stansbury Park, Utah
Ninjabird BRONZE, Stansbury Park, Utah
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Winter was approaching far too quickly, and I couldn’t move on. When fall ended so would my memories of it. The sad truth was during the last days of fall I fell in love once again. This time I thought for sure it was the real thing, that it was true. After all my searching I had finally found her. Nothing anywhere would stop our love, nothing except the changing of the seasons.

Last year was our final year of high school we met at the end of everyday. We would spend entire nights under the dark sky talking about each day. She always made me feel calm with the placid nature of her voice. We both made it so the ever shorter nights lasted forever. Though soon enough autumn ended and winter brought news. Soon she would be leaving my life forever. Without the chance to say goodbye she moved away on the first day of winter.

I lay on my roof and re-traced the events to where love eluded me once again. Over and over the entire night, until emotion over came my mind and the florescent moon returned my thoughts back to my being. The stars shown dim in the sky, and the pleasant night got more chilling. I could hear cars down below and the wind picking up in the distance. The calmness of the swaying branches in the surrounding darkness. It was the autumn’s perfect night and…

The only thing more beautiful then the girl I lost; were the Autumn nights I spent lost in thought.

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