Magnificant Capture

June 11, 2013
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Almost a month and still no food. Searching by day, sleeping by night. Perhaps life ends here; starving. A simple yellow sparrow could never survive out in a world like this. Perhaps I am too loud thought the yellow sparrow. Maybe my luck would increase if I became more sneaky within my movements.

Boosted with brand new confidence the yellow sparrow took off into the wind searching for his next meal. Hours go by and still nothing. Hunger building yup, the yellow sparrow decided to stop by the water.

While flying towards the water, the sparrow saw a well, and from the corner of his eye he saw a quick movement. Curious, he flew down to see what exactly he saw. He stopped at the edge of the well.

"Hello, Mr. Yellow Sparrow, how are you? Please come down to my beautiful house!" a little frog excitedly said.

The yellow sparrow looked around and saw multiple birds in the air. There is no way he could easily get away with snatching a friendly frog. Without replying, he took off.

For the next six days the yellow sparrow came back to the same spot and said nothing. Just watching and seeing what will happen. Knowing the daily routine. He knew this was the day. His stomach growled. He looked down into the well and said to the frog, "Have you ever been outside the well?"

Quickly the frog replied, "This is my house, most beautiful! I have food and clean water. Why would I have to leave from here?"

Yellow Sparrow thought for a moment, looked around, then quickly flew down the well and grabbed the frog. Taking him outside his well. All you could hear was the frog complaining for a bit then suddenly realizing the world was much bigger.

"Hey sparrow, could you please go by the water, i want to see it close up." Said the frog.

"Of course I can, hold on." Said the yellow sparrow as he dove down.

The yellow sparrow reached the hill over-looking the water and let the frog go. The sparrow went a little in the air as the frog just sat in awe. The frog hopped toward the water and in an instant the yellow sparrow grabbed him and finally had a peaceful dinner.

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