The Wiredest Dream I Ever Had.

June 14, 2013
By katarinag BRONZE, Clarksdale, Mississippi
katarinag BRONZE, Clarksdale, Mississippi
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Moesha and Violet walked in the room arguing about what party they should go to. In the process they were amazed to find two completely different people smiling back at them in their mirror. They jumped back and screamed. The figures in the mirrors just looked at them. “Who are you and why yall in the mirror.” Violet asked they looked at them, then turned around and walked off. Then the mirror turned back to its natural state and the girls could see their own reflection. Moesha and Violet looked at each other eyes wide. “We must be dreaming or something gul.” Said Violet “I sure hope so because if we are not then we are really losing our minds.” Replied Moesha

Moesha walked over to the mirror. “Do you think it is safe to touch it?” She asked “Do what you want but I am not that stupid” replied Violet As soon as Moesha fingertips were about to touch the mirror, a hand reached through the mirror and grabbed her arm. Moesha screamed and so did Violet. And the next thing Violet knew was that Moesha was there one minute and gone the next.

Violet got up and walked to the mirror and all she could see was her own reflection. Violet fell down on her knees and put her hands in her lap. Brittany walked into the room dressed for the party and when she looked down and saw Violet on the floor. “Why aren’t you ready and where is Moesha little ugly self.” Violet slowly raised her head and looked up at Brittany “Bri she gone she was there one minute and gone the next.” Brittany looked at her like she had lost her mind. “Violet are drunk or high because you are really hallucinating to bad.” Violet jumped up and threw her-self on the bed face down, and started to sob loud and hard.

Brittany looked at her and shook her and said to her-self “this girl is too high.” “Violet just gets dressed so we can go the party.” As she was about to walk out the door something in the mirror caught her eye. She walked over to it and stared at it the mirror was clouded and gray. Then all of a sudden a face popped and in the mirror and it startled her so bad that she screamed. Violet looked over her shoulder and was amazed to see someone else in the mirror and that person looked just like Hakeem. He looked at them for a little while then spoke. “Hello Violet and Brittany, if want to save Esha then you need to come through the mirror.” The girls looked at each other then they walked through the mirror together.

When the made it through the mirror Hakeem was standing right beside the girls. “Can you please take us to Moesha I’m begging you” said Violet “You ain’t got to beg him for something because he gonna take us if he know what is good for them.” “Be quiet Bri because if you haven’t realized it he is the one who as the advantage here in this world.” They both looked at Hakeem, he closed his eyes and then he spoke. “Violet, Brittany is right I will take you to her. Follow me.” He pointed to a road that looked creepy, and scary. As they looked around all they could see was a tall dark tower. Violet and Brittany looked at each other and took then took off running towards it. When they got there the door was closed, then they couldn’t get in. They started beating on the door. You know I have the keys don’t it. Said Hakeem The girls turned around looked and then snatched the keys out of his hand. Bri opened the door, and then took off. They started calling Moesha name. Then they heard a scream. That must be Moe. They ran to where the screaming was coming from. When they got there, Moesha looked up at them then her eyes rolled back then she fell. Then at that moment when the girls screamed and closed their eyes, and when they opened them they were each on the floor in the room. They rose up trying to figure out why they were on the floor but couldn’t remember. Moesha walked in the room and ask “are yall ready”. Violet and Brittany looked at each other than nodded. And they all headed out for the party.

The author's comments:
I just wanted to write something I have never wrote about.

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