June 1, 2013
By ecurry22 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ecurry22 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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All I heard was a dull static noise. It was bouncing off the walls, like it was coming from somewhere, yet it was coming from everywhere: Louder, and louder, and louder until I thought my ears would explode. I tried to cover my ears, but all it did was amplify the terrible noise. All of a stopped. I slumped my head as I savored the sweet silence, but of course, it didn’t last for long. One long blast of the piercing noise coming straight from the bathroom down the hall. I couldn’t take it. I ran full sprint down the hallway, hoping it was some dumb prank someone in my family was trying to pull. Instead of finding a giggling sibling or two, all i found was the pitch dark silence of the small bathroom. Fumbling for the light, I swore I felt something touch me. Rough, and ice cold. I screamed, and in turn slipped in a puddle of water on the floor. I didn’t hit the floor like I expected, hard thump on the tile or a good lump on my head from hitting the towel bar or another hanging apparatus in my bathroom. None of that. I was floating on air, continuously falling down further and further into who knows where. Slam. There it was, the wet spot on the bathroom floor, hitting my head on the towel bar and probably brusing something in the process. As I laid on the cold hard bathroom floor, a demonic voice began screaming in my head.
“You’re worthless!” “No one likes you!”
I screamed and I yelled but nothing could stop these voices in my head.
“You’re ugly!”
The voices tormented me as I tried to slowly get back on my feet. After almost toppling over a few times, grabbing the countertop for balance. “
You are never going to do anything with your life!”
Steady now, steady. I looked down. The grey-blue tile, the bathroom mat, the towels neatly hung up all were in place. I should go lay down for a while. Peering up, I saw something move. This is impossible. Its pitch black in here and its only me. I whipped around, looking for some foul demon only to see extra bottles of shampoo and towels on a shelf. Turning back around, I saw it again. It was in the mirror. A shady outline. It stuck its head out of the mirror, and yelled straight into me,
I had quite enough by that point. Whatever that thing was, it needed to be done. I surged, grabbing it and as we wrestled back and forth until it flew into me, and as I crashed into the side of the tub, everything went dull. All that was left was that dull static noise as everything faded to black.

“Doctor Jacobs, why is no one telling me what is wrong? What really happened to me?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Yes. I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m just so confused. This isn’t the first time all of this has happened”
“What do you mean?”
“The static. The voices. I’ve heard them before. Please help me, I’m scared I’m going to hurt myself again, except this time worse.”
“We need to find the bottom of this all before we can really figure out what is going on. I might as well start with what really happened that night. We know that Sam found you on the floor of your bathroom, covered in mirror shards and a huge gap in plaster missing from the wall. Your head was bleeding from hitting your bathtub and your whole body was covered in gashes from the glass shards. You were rushed into emergency surgery to remove the glass and bring down the swelling in your brain. Now, what do you remember? How about we piece this together one by one, just think for a while and try to remember as much as you can about what happened.”
“How do i begin. Well, at first...”

The author's comments:
my second coffee house piece for english nine accelerated.

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