June 8, 2013
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Sometimes I feel as if I’m alone in this world, I know you hear this from every teenager, but I have nobody I can express my feelings to. The people I call my friends are barely friends at all. They’re never there when I need them to be. I’m always second best, second choice never first. I get called ugly and fat everyday hoping that one day somebody would stand up and say “No she’s not, she’s beautiful skinny and exasperating” but nobody would say that, Not even myself. I am ugly. I am fat. If they knew how I felt inside would they still treat me like this? Probably. Nobody knows the real me, how I feel, what I want, what I like. They know nothing. They don’t care enough to know me. Nobody does. I don’t even think that I know myself anymore.

I think I’m pathetic for attempting suicide, cutting myself, hating myself. The Pain it never goes away, it stays and it will hibernate then it thinks its spring and comes out to haunt me. People say God made me perfect, I call bullshit.

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