The Sum of Your Choices

September 15, 2008
And there stood before me a winged creature. Unlike anything i had everseen. Unlike anything man had seen. I was drawn to it's unnatural beauty, it's tainted unnatural beauty. "It is evil," something inside me said,"do not be fooled by it's beauty it is evil." I didn't understand, how could such a marvelous thing be evil, surely this voice had no idea what it was talking about. This creature was a work of extreme beauty, I must touch it and behold it with my hands. "Do not touch it for it is evil.", the voice said to me."But I must, I must touch this magnificent creature." I stepped closer to the creature n ot heeding the warning of the foolish voice. The creature radiated with extreme warmth. It was as though I should have been consumed by fire yet the warnth enticed me to go even closer to the creature." DO NOT TOUCH IT FOR IT IS EVIL, DO NOT BE DECIEVED BY IT, YOU DO NOT WANT WHAT LAYS IN STORE FOR THOSE WHO ARE FOOLED BY IT.", the voice yelled at me with all of it's might. I ignored the voice and stepped even closer to the creature. Finally, I was there standing right in front of the creature. I reached out to touch it, first hesitantly then assuredly. For an instant, I loved the feel of it, the sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before. But it all faded away so quickly. Everything died away in a blinding flash of light. And I heard the voice screaming,"NO, NO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"

I awoke in a dark place. It reeked of something awful. I could sense the torturous things that had happened in this place. I could hear the creams of many people suffering form horrendous tourtures not far off from me."Where was I, what was this place of evil and unending pain?", I thought to myself. "How nice of you to join me.", a voice hissed at me."What a choice you have made to come here of all places.", It hissed again."Where am I, what is this place, what is happening to those people." I asked fearfuly, for the screams had grown louder." You are where you chose to be,", the voice hissed," and what is happening to those people is the same thing that will happen to you.The screams grew even louder it was as though the torture was coming closer to me. I looked around for away to get out but there was only darkness. " I must get out, I don't want to go through what those people are suffering, I must escape.",I thought to myself. "Ha Ha Ha, you stupid fool, there is no escaping this place, you chose to be here and now you are here forever.",it hissed at me. The screams grew even louder. "Your foolishness has allotted you a place here alongside your counterparts, and now you shall recieve your just rewards. And with that I was consumed by it, I became on of the many screamers.

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