Turning to Stone

September 15, 2008
By Rebecca D, Wilmington, DE

I went back home and the town was dark and there were no flowers out. The love and peace was gone and the people frozen in their steps. I saw my father and my sister. They looked different, almost like some sort of stone and I wondered why. I saw the old neighbor down the street. I wondered what had happened. My friends and family frozen there was no trace of life, just the stone bodies standing there. They were still, they looked unhappy. Their eyes appeared as though they were glass. They had a distance in their eyes, like their soul left but their body was still there. I never left always wondered what happened to make them this way, why am I not like this. I started to feel like I was slowing down, like I was turning to stone also. I went to sit on a rock and then my feet wouldn’t move. I was stuck. My body was starting to become stone. Inch by inch it started to creep toward my head. An hour went by and still it was creeping up my body. My shoulders gone, then my neck, too. Soon I would be gone and there would be no trace that I was ever there.

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