Horror From Behind

September 15, 2008
Running through the forest. Branches pounding you in the face, chest, and legs. Nowhere to go but forward. Sounds coming up behind you. Getting closer. Your heart beating furiously. Sweat running down your face. You look left and right hoping for help. No one's there. You cry out. No one hears. Do you dare take a look over your shoulder? Do you dare take such a chance?

Screams. Are they your own? Or do they belong to the hunter? The hunter. A faceless man with no name. Why does he chase you? Why does he want your blood? Weakness overwhelms you. You want to collapse. Collapse means death. You keep on running. Behind you it gets closer. As you weaken, it strengthens. Laughter. The hunter's.
A building up ahead. Is it safe? Will it protect you? Into the house. Slam the door.
Looking around you, mind wheeling. Nothing to brace the door. The windows so weak. Surely it will get in. Stairs. Running up, you trip. Barely able to stand you crawl. The second story. So many rooms. So many secrets behind those doors. Sounds from downstairs. You must hide. But which one?

Into the first door. A room with nothing. Into the second. A bed. You hear it coming up the stairs, a gruesome dragging sound. Beneath the bed you wait. Hold your breath. The noise stops before your door. Does it already know? Can it smell it's prey? Sobbing. Yours? Hand against your mouth.

The door opens. In it comes. Hope? None. Help? Nowhere. Exhausted you lay there. It comes towards you. Your eyes closed tightly. Down it kneels. You open your eyes. Face to face? It has none. A hand reaches towards you. A hand?

Screams die in your throat. Death? Is this it? The hand grabs you. Pulls you out. Gleaming metal. Across your chest. Screams of agony. Across your face. Across your stomach. No will to fight. You are limp in its grip. Into your heart. No more breath.

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musiclover94 said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 3:43 pm
That was so spooky. I have a quick question though, is your username booklover618 b/c June 18th is your b-day? B/c that's my b-day!
LaylaViolet said...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 11:17 am
Whoa. This one chilled me to the bone. I love reading stories that totally creep into your brain and creep you out. You're a good writer. Write one! :P
cunfused said...
Sept. 25, 2008 at 11:51 pm
i really like this piece the descriptive words make me feel like im there. great work
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