The Troubles of a Dragonfly

September 12, 2008
By Belle Anderson, Fort Greely, AK

An elf and a fairy were on their way to visit the Witch of the East Wood to find a cure for their dragonfly who was sick. Dodging falling dew drops, they wound their way skillfully through blades of grass that rose above them like fingers reaching for the sun.

"I see your dragonfly is sick," came a curious voice from behind a blade of grass. "Feed him a piece of this mushroom here and he'll be right as rain."

Uncertainly, the fairy flitted over to the mushroom and took a handful from its cap, which she promptly fed to her dragonfly. A loud pop! sounded, and suddenly the poor, sick dragonfly was turned into a mosquito!

Shocked by the horrible effect the mushroom had had on their pet, the elf and fairy hurried onward toward the Witch of the East Wood. "I see your dragonfly's been turned into a mosquito!" A pixie cried gleefully from her seat on a flower's petals. "Let him drink the juice of this berry and he'll turn back into his original form."

Reluctantly, the elf took the berry and allowed his pet to drink while the fairy fidgeted nervously. Pop! came a thunderous crack, and a cloud of purple smoke surrounded the mosquito and its body began to shimmer with the all the brilliant colors of the rainbow.

Frantically, the elf and fairy ran through the grass, carrying their pet to the ask help from the witch. "You should bathe him in this water if you want him to change back into a dragonfly," snorted a tiny black troll, pointing them toward a golden pond.

Fretfully, the elf and fairy walked to the pool and gently lowered their pet into the water. Pop! came a resounding crash, and the mosquito was turned into a tadpole, and quickly swam away. Teardrops fell off the elf and fairy’s cheeks and created hollow, bell-like sounds as they splashed into the golden water.

Unwisely, the elf and fairy had trusted the words of strangers, and for their foolishness, they had lost something precious they loved.

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