Gifted: An Excerpt

September 22, 2008
By Anthony DelGuercio, Prospect Park, PA

I’ve always known I was destined for something great.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I thought it for quite some time. But the notion just wouldn’t leave me alone. As much as I thought it and as much as you’re thinking it now, I’m actually far from conceited. In fact, there isn’t quite an adjective in any language to describe what I am, or that feeling of destined greatness I felt for so long.

But none of that really matters, anyway. No one can ever know what I am. My life has been completely transformed--or perhaps mutated is the right word. I don’t really know. The definitions of words seem to lose meaning when everything in your life is questioned and subsequently mutated completely. But I’ve managed to add a few definitions to the dictionary. Maybe not to your dictionary, but to mine.

That feeling that I felt pretty much my entire human life? I simply call it the Feeling. No other name seemed to quite fit it. Maybe this name doesn’t, either. Maybe it’s like trying to force a square into a circle. If that’s the case, then maybe one of my missions in life is to bend the four corners of the square. Maybe.

My mutation was more than a genetic alteration; it wasn’t like in X-Men or anything (and I’m far from a superhero, I think). No, this alteration went deeper. How much more deep I cannot say--maybe I’ll ask Him one day.

My physical body remains the same. Completely. No sparkling skin or honey-golden eyes. No flourishing features. I still fit in among humans. A positive? I believe so. But I can change anything I want.

You may be saying, “Then what’s different? Why are you wasting my time with this story?”

Well, if you believe this is a waste of your time, I sincerely apologize. You may stop reading if you wish, but I believe these pages shall tell you a story unlike any you’ve ever heard. Conceited? I think not. Just honest.

Different is my heart, or my heart is different. These two words in your dictionary are the same to me. I know now that during my human life, the Feeling stemmed from this place in my chest--from the eternal and undying symbol for love. But why was it there? Who put it there? What did I do that made me different from every other human on the face of the Earth? Why couldn’t it have been you? Your mother? Your friend? Anyone… But I need not question that anymore. I am content.

You (that’s right, you), will be the only person on the face of Earth that will read my story. I warn you, it’s strange. Different. You may question what I have to say at times, but I assure you, truth has become my life. And, the truth is, I have been Gifted.

My friend, cease the questions in your mind. They will be answered, just the same as mine. The one difference is, I will be answering your questions. My questions were answered from someone…much higher. You may know of Him.

Please, read on. Disappointment is no longer in my dictionary, and I promise, it will no longer be in yours.

I’m glad you’ve decided to read about my life. Welcome to my world.

In my new life (as I’ve come to call it, since it is completely different from my human time on Earth), I have no limits. Boundaries don’t exist. What I need I can attain, what I want, the same. In fact, just thinking about something, anything, can cause things you could never imagine. These powers, abilities and strengths make up my Gift.

You may ask, “But who gave it to you?”

As I said previously, you may know of him. He is my Father, one and true. He is yours as well. He is an undying symbol for hope and love, compassion and understanding.

Or, at least, He was.

You see, everyone makes decisions. Some more than others. He is not exempt from that. He is not exempt from feelings or thoughts, either. Though people on this Earth love to speak for Him, His lips have never whispered words. Not even to me, to whom he decided to give his Gift. Intrigued? I was, too.

I am now His way of speaking; through me, his true Will can finally be spoken on this Earth. Why? Well, that question has many answers. Perhaps it can best be answered by saying that I am a match. In my human life (before I was Gifted, I remind you), I was very adamant about my views. About the world, the country. Problems. Solutions. How things are and how they should be.

I was set on changing this world (and now I can).

He appreciated this, so He tells me (though he’s never spoken to me). He could not have his Will on the Earth unless he had an “insider,” if you will. A human.

But not just any human (conceited, no). But a human that lived and breathed selflessness. A human that understood what needed to be done, and shared His Will, His goal, and His views.

A match, so I said. To Him, that was me. A perfect embodiment of how he would exist, think, and feel (if he were ever human). And so, I was Gifted. I became His Voice.

And now, my job. My assignment. My goal. None of these words quite fit what I must do. But I’ve come to call it my Mission. My Mission is to protect you. Police? No. They have limits. Boundaries. I have none.

My Mission is to change the Earth--for the better. He is not satisfied.

My mission is to protect you and your race, to which I used to belong. Angel? Superhero? No.

My mission is to Voice the Will of God.

The author's comments:
I've always wanted to do something to change the world. The main character in my story can do that--with the help of God.

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