forever together

September 22, 2008
The tree was draped over her. She felt like an apple on a pond. It was just another day she thought.
“Bella!” her mother called. Bella got up. “We’re going over to Jeja’s house.”
Her eyes widened with surprise.
“She’s having a barbeque and a lot kids will be there like Jake and Shawn and a bunch of other kids you don’t know.”
“Noooo, he’ll see me and how bad I look! I got to get ready.” Bella said in a panicky voice. “I don’t want to go”.
“Too darn bad.” Said mom.

“Jaaake!” Jeja yelled. “Go help Barb unload her car.”
“Ok.” Bella’s heart was beating fast. She saw a glimpse of him. He stole that glimpse away with his deep dark brown eyes. All the kids played hide and go seek, and where ever Bella hid Jake hid. When it got dark they when in side and watched TV. Then it was time to go.
They took one last glance at each other and said “Forever Together.”

On the way home Bella thought about Jake. She wondered if he was thinking about her too. It was 10:30 by the time they got home.

“Go strait to bed kids.” mom said. Bella was so tired she hardly noticed her three brothers pushing past her. She crashed on the bed and tried to go to sleep but she couldn’t. All she could think about was Jake not sleep. She listened to her CD player and fell asleep to that.

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