The Son of an Egyptian Farmer

September 22, 2008
By van stankewsky, Boise, ID

In Egypt long long ago there lived a son of a farmer. He didn't have a lot he only had two pairs of clothes, a house and a toy top. His father worked in the farm in his spare time he worked in the quarry For the Pharaoh. His father usually got bread and wine just some times he got a little gold! While the sons father was working. He was playing with his top and he bumped in to Bess the god. Bess statue was protector of the house hold! When his father came home he was very angry!
His father had to go to the high priest and ask if the priest would ask Bess to forgive them. He said what happened. My son broke the gold statue of Bess in our house. “Will you pray for us?” The uptight priest refused!
So the son’s father went to the Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt and asked if he could pray for them the Pharaoh said he would think about it. The Pharaoh said to come back in three days. The father went back in three days, but the pharaoh was too busy. In four days he Pharaoh called the son’s father back and said he would pray for him. The father was relived and went home and was happy. The son was too. There house was now protected from floods, fires and theft.

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bob said...
on Dec. 12 2008 at 3:15 pm
i like it

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