Death Dream

September 21, 2008
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A cold cool breeze flowed through the early morning forest, just as the sun set its self-high in the bright blue sky. I was fast asleep in my bed, when I was awoken from a strange noise outside my window. It pierced my ears as I noticed it was a scream, a scream of a women running for her life. I quickly jumped out of my bed and ran down the stairs slipping once on the last step, falling on my back with a stinging pain. I stood up slowly as I let the pain sooth through my body, making it less painful then it already was.
I walked toward the front door opening it slowly, while taking in the cold that wrapped its self against my skin, making me shiver. I heard the scream once more from the west side of my home; I called out once as high as my voice could go.
“ Hello! Is anyone out there!” no one responded, I waited another minute then tried once more.
“ If anyone can hear me scream!” that’s when I heard the scream once again, piercing my ears, making me fall to the ground hoping the noise would end. Once it did I stood only to see something or someone coming, running toward me.
“ HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!” then it happened she fell down just as the sound of the bullet stopped. I froze seeing her lifeless body just a few feet away from me. I just started to run back into my house when the gunshot hit me right through the heart. I fell to the ground clutching my heart and feeling the hot liquid seep into my hand. I was dying and there was nothing I could do about it.
“help…” were the last silent words that slipped past my mouth with the glob of blood right behind it. My hand slid down to my side and I fell over, my body ice cold and the only sound I heard last was the three thumps then it ended.
Gasp. I jumped up and ran to my window and opened it to see the bright sunlight fill my room and the cold breeze whipping through. It was just a dream I thought to my self, just a dream.
Then I heard it the piercing cry of a woman screaming and the crunching of her foots steps coming toward my house. I stood there wondering what to do, should I run down stairs or stay in my room. Could I of been dreaming or was my dreaming telling me to run.

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