Ben and Renee

September 21, 2008
Her life was apathetic. She'd never felt anything. Her days barely passed by and were usually filled with bulying, loneliness, and depression.
I can do this no longer, Renee often thought. No one liked her; she had low self-esteem and no confidence. Her head was always hung low as her back and shoulders slouched constantly.
The only enjoyable part of her day was on the walk home from school where she and her next door neighbor, Ben, made casual conversation. On the school grounds though, the friendship ceased to exsist.
Renee didn't mind though, it was the closest figure friend she had. Even though Ben would take his friends' sides and gang up on her, she believed that that was the fdake Ben; he let his real self show when they were together, yet that was only her guess.
As the days passed longingly, Renee became more lonely and upset; it was her sophomore year and still hadn't managed to make friends since kindergarten. Rene said her usual goodbye to Ben and headed to her room, black tears piercing and stinging her face. She sunk to the ground, hands griping her face tightly trying to stop the flow of tears.
Renee finally stood and looked out her window, which was directly across from Ben's window. His navy blue curtains were pulled aside as the sun blasted into his from, filled with football trophies, awards, medals, and certificates. She caught a glimpse of his closet and saw a huge case holding an expensive camera along with numerous photos consisting of briliant focus, lighting, posing and everything else a professional photo consisted of.
Renee began to dress for school the next morning as she headed out the door she didn't see Ben at the bus stop with his friends which struck her as quite odd. Ben saw Renee at the stop and knew it was the right time. Ben climbed into the great oak tree seperating their houses, and crawled over to Renee's window. He opened it quietly and laid it on her bed. He smiled nervously as he knew that things were definitely going to change. He glanced around her room and saw some of her own poems hanging on the wall.
Ben greeted his friends and gave a quick grin in Renee's direction. All throughout the day Ben worried about his move and whether he should've done it. How would she percieve the message intended?
Ben and Renee walked home as usual yet Ben knedw something that Renee hadn't. As they went their serperate ways Ben hurried up to his room and peeked out through his window to get a full view of Renee's room. The scented candle in her rom was steady until it flickered when she walked by. A spark of fire suddently crept upon Renee's poems on the wall and began to spread.
Renee headed toward her bed but stopped to see the fire growing. She screamed loudly but was no match to the roaring of the flames. The door was shut tightly as the know scolded the palm of her hand. She ran to her window to try and pry it open but had no success. Ben was watching from afar and panicked, he could see her struggling to open the window.
He turned towards his trophy case that held his championship football and yanked it form its case. He took a hard grip and trhough the limnbs covered with leaves, he threw the football. It blasted the corner of the window. The hole was not nearly big enough. Renee poked her hand through; rose and card in hand. Glass punctured her arm as blood ran out her arteries and into her hand. The struggling then stopped. Dumbfounded, Ben stared at the limp hand hanging out the window that was inside filled with charcoal black smoke and bright red and orange fire.
He screamed out endlessly as he saw the rose slipping from her hand, blood creeping towards the red petals. The rose dropped to the ground, blod following close behind, puting the petals with the darker shade of blood red. So there laid the rose and card that read "To Renee, Love Ben." Followed by a red heart around both of their names.

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Daddy G said...
Oct. 5, 2008 at 12:08 am
I liked the story also if you make a novel I hope it has the riveting action from start to finish as this one did- that way no one will be able to put it down until they finish!
sueg said...
Sept. 26, 2008 at 9:40 am
The story was very good and the first part really grabs you and makes you want to continue with the story- my only suggestion is to proof read or use spell check
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