The Lone Wolf

May 29, 2013
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She is alone. Her pack gone, her heart broken. She walks straight ahead, and doesn’t look back. Her walk is purposeful and swift, yet she limps. She believes she it better off alone.

Wandering the woods, is a young girl. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. She is alone. No friends, no family. Unwanted. She is the outcast. She walks straight ahead, never looking back. “No regrets,” she thinks.

Abruptly, she stops in her tracks.

They meet, yellow eyes boring into hazel ones. Searching, finding. Analyzing. The wolf bares her teeth and slinks back. The girl narrows her eyes and takes a step backwards. Suddenly, they both turn their backs at the same time and walk away.

They never meet again. Nor do they meet any other soul during their journeys, yet they are never truly lonely again.

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SportsStar23 said...
Jan. 3, 2014 at 5:38 pm
This is interesting. I really like the idea. I feel like I wanted it to be longer but at the same time, I appreciate how you're able to capture the essence of your story in less words. The story has an ethereal feel to it that really hooks the reader. The only thing that I would add is just to look over your story a couple of times. You just made a few mistakes on spelling but that's nothing that rereading can't fix. Overall, I really liked it! Good job!
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