I Forgive You

September 20, 2008
By Emma Folsom, Franklin, MA

She wonders through the forest, evergreens towering above her fragile self.
The rain beets mercilessly against the young maiden, she stumbles on.
Her bare feet bloody and bruised from the rocks and twigs clawing at her.

She cries out, “I am here, I am here please come for me!”
Silence answers. She is alone.

The maiden raises her head to the heavens, grieving over his soul.
“I am scared” she sobs. “Don’t leave me here!” her legs give out, she tumbles to the muddy earth.
“I don’t want to be alone!” she screams “I need you! Please don’t leave me behind!”

The air rips out of her lungs, in ragged gulps.Rapping her arms over her tiny ribs, she desperately tries to keep all the pieces together,
but the piercing edges threaten to dismantle her.

Choking over her tears of sorrow, sudden rage jolts through the maiden’s body.
The sobbing stops, the anger tugs, threatening to explode.
She stands gracefully and throws her head back, thrusting her clenched fists to the skies.
A shrill scream races out of her mouth, slicing the world in half with malicious devotion.

“How Dare You!” she screams her lungs ready to burst. “I HATE YOU!”
“How dare you go away and not bring me with you!”
“HOW DARE YOU!?!?!” shaking her fists. “How could you leave me behind?When I needed you the most! Why did you leave me?”

Then she whispered, “I love you” she let her arms droop, releasing her fingers.
The maiden hung her head, the anger gone replaced with anguish.
She closed her eyes and darkness surrounded her. Engulfed in the shadows, the young lady prayed.

When she opened her eyes the sun was shining and birds sang their harmonious songs.
She could not believe the sight before, yet she new it was all real and it was.
Just a few feet in front of the maiden a figure emerged.

It was him, my thought to be fallen soldier.

He held his arms open and I ran as if the world was ending.
He caught me in his strong grip, spinning in circles. Never letting go of me.
“I love you, don’t leave me” I whaled burying my face into his chest.
“Never!” he cried “never again! I am here baby and I will as long as you want me”
“Forever” I sobbed kissing his cheek then his full lips. “Forever”
“Forever” he repeated.

And we stayed with each other forever, forever in love.


The author's comments:
the idea is this young girl who is in love and thinks he is dead she is so lost she doesnt know what to do and she is lost in the woods he comes to find her and she discovers her solider is alive

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Confusing, 1st person or 3rd person?



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