A Family of Five

September 19, 2008
Wanted a story about princesses , knights, and mystical creatures? Well you have the wrong story. We begin our story in a big city full of lights and families walking up and down the streets to fun and exciting attractions like the zoo and the aquarium . In the core of all this fun and excitement there is a small family of four. There is a mother called Sandra there is a father named Gustav there is a older brother named Gregory and the last but not least of this family is a girl named Jolene . Before we go further into this story you must know something about every person in this family . The mother Sandra has a high school diploma and is a store manger ,she is very serious and very organized. The father gustav has a college diploma and is a lawyer and is very laid back. Gregory is 14 years old, loves to play video games , is in the eighth grade, and is very funny. And last but not least is Jolene she will be our star . Jolene is 12 years old, serious, loves to read, loves to write , loves dogs , and is in the seventh grade . Now we shall begin. It was a glorious day , the sun was out and the wind was gently blowing .Jolene sat on her porch reading as the leaves in the apple blossom tree that grew beside the porch rustled gently . Ah how she wished she had some one to play with, someone to run with ,yes she had her older brother Gregory but he usually spent his time playing video games and playing on the computer. She didn’t really have any friends who lived at her apartments. How she wished she had a dog , who could be her best friend and who could help her lose weight (yes she was on the chunky side). All her life she had begged for a dog perhaps a small dog like a Chihuahua but the answer was always no. But something happened that changed all of this . One hot summer afternoon after Jolene her brother,mom,and grandma had finished eating lunch they decided to go and walk at the mall . At the mall was the answer to all of Jolene’s prayers. They had just added an adoption center and that very day they were having adoptions ! As soon as Jolene saw the sign she rushed to get inside but was disappointed with what she saw . There was about 40 cages but only 10 cages held animals and they were mostly cats not dogs but as she and her mother walked to the back of the center Jolene found what she had been looking for . At the back of the center there were two cages that held dogs . One cage had three dogs that looked alike and the other cage only held one sad looking dog. .She had hoped there would be a Chihuahua but it turns out the three dogs in one cage were all fox terriers. And the other dog all by it’s self was a golden Labrador retriever / German shepherd. Jolene looked wistfully at the sad looking dog it looked so lonely but she knew it would grow to be to big to keep so she set her sights on the fox terriers . she had her eye on the smaller male and so did her brother . So after a lot of begging and promising it was decided that they would adopt a four month male fox terrier. He was pretty big but not that big and his face was so CUTE! That day there was no fighting there was no yelling it was just about Rocky (that is what Jolene and Gregory decided to called him) . Jolene was just ecstatic , she was jumping up and down all day , her prayers had been answered . But Having a dog was not that easy. You have to walk them, feed them, house train them and watch them. Jolene had known that it would be work to have a dog but she thought she could handle it. But this was not the case with rocky since he was at such a young age he loved to frolic and play and get into things he was not suppose to get into. Even with all this hard work that kept Jolene on her toes she came to love rocky he was just so cute, funny, and her best friend . Since that very first day Rocky and Jolene had a connection. They just clicked . Rocky always wanted to be with Jolene and wanted to go everywhere she went. Yes Jolene was living the good life for a couple of days but then her cries of joy turned into cries of despair it was just so hard. Rocky was so much work and Jolene couldn’t take it she loved to sleep in and now she had to wake up early to feed and walk the dog. Rocky wanted to sleep with Jolene but her mother put her foot down and said no , so Rocky cried at night time for Jolene and didn’t let her sleep. Rocky also used the restroom inside the house and it was Jolene’s job to clean it up . After the First couple of weeks of getting Rocky Jolene’s heart was ripping in half. Her mother had said that if rocky’s flaws were not fixed before school started then she would give him away. It was up to Jolene to fix him because her brother didn’t help with the dog at all ,even though he had promised to help . All the work fell on the shoulders of Jolene and her mother since her father had to work . Her mother had it really hard . What with working fulltime and then coming home and not being able to go to sleep , it was tiring and the results were starting to show on her mother’s face. Yes it was a stressing time and this small family was struggling to survive this hardship . It was hard but as the pages on the calendar turned and the weeks turned into months this small family was once again back to their normal life. Rocky no longer , cried at night, used the restroom in the house , or got into things he wasn’t suppose to get into. Sure it had been hard to train rocky and to learn to wake up early but by using the power of determination and by never giving up Jolene had pulled it off . Now when Jolene sat on her porch to read she had a little someone who through out her whole life would be her best friend and who would sit beside her as she read on her little porch , in this big city where there was fun and excitement but now in the core of all the fun and excitement there is and forever will be a small family of five.

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