The Prom

September 19, 2008
This story takes place in Boise. There were two best friends .there names were Kristy and Alex . Kristy had a brother named Chris then Alex had a sister named Stazy . They both agreed brother and sisters were both annoying and a pain. They lived in the same neirborhood . They lived two streets away from each other so it wasn’t a big problem. Neither than that they were the best of friends.

Kristy was look at a piece of paper that indetified prom night
As Alex ran the hall to greet Kristy turned in motion then both bumped heads
Like two small rams crashing earth quack routing as a big headache.

OUCH!! ,” What was all that about ,”Kristy and Alex both cried ,”
“Well I wanted to surprise you., “Alex exclaimed
“Well forget about it , did you hear about prom night “.said Kristy
“No. well lean your face into this Kristy hand Alex the prom sheet .”OW!!
“Prom night . So who are you asking for prom night ”said Kristy
“ I don’t know ,” said Alex
RIINGG!! The first bell ranged for the first period

8:35 Kristy asked a kid named Yaneil
So the night of the prom pass on like bullet passing by my eyes.
As Kristy and Alex entered the dance floor waiting for yaniel both were chatting How great their guy was. Yaniel entered in . both ended in broken hearts . And went Home anilla ice cream said it heals broken hearts.

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Critic said...
May 19, 2010 at 10:39 pm
I was looking for other people from Idaho who use this site, found this, and can honestly say it... needs some work. I honestly hope you're a five year old, cause' if you're older, you shouldn't be writing.
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