The Movies

September 19, 2008
“That movie looks awesome!” I said on Friday morning glancing up at Aaron in the morning at school, “Aaron, we have to go see it together.”

“But Jeremy, it’s like rated R, my parents would never let me see that.” said Aaron.

“So what tell them that you are going to that stupid puppy movie and go to Monsters from the Deep with me.” I promise that you won’t get caught.”

“I don’t know Jeremy, that’s lying and I don’t like to lie to my parents,” said Aaron.

“Oh come on, we can go on Saturday and then we can have a sleepover that night and your parents will never find out, please, just this one time?” I said.

“Oh all right I’ll go with you, but we are staying at your house because my sister is having a friend come over too” said Aaron.

“Okay sweet! I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll get together.” said Jeremy.
So the boys went their separate ways to their other classes and met up later to have lunch together. After lunch they went to their last few classes and walked home together.

On Saturday morning Jeremy called Aaron and asked if he wanted to come over and hangout until the movie starts.

“Sure I will but I have to clean my room first and it is so messy that I can’t even walk through it, so I will be at your house in about an hour,” said Aaron.

“Ok I will see you then,” said Jeremy.

“Ok bye.”

So the boys hung out and played video games until the movie started at Jeremy’s house. They then went to the movies. The movie scared the snot out of both of them and after it they got a ride home from Jeremy’s mom. They stayed up all night playing more video games and had a bunch of fun, and they didn’t get caught.

They had to get up at 8:00 to go to Aaron’s football game and his team won by 35 points. Aaron scored a touchdown and he had fun playing the game. The only thing bad was that it was freezing outside. It was so cold that half of the audience went back to their cars and cranked up the heat.

All in all the two boys had a great weekend even though they lied to their parents and that was very wrong.

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twiilliigghhttfan101 said...
Jan. 19, 2009 at 7:34 pm
OMFG i am not even kidding this is the best story on here that i have ever read!!!
confused said...
Sept. 25, 2008 at 11:56 pm
nice work i really loved this story
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