The Moment

September 19, 2008
In a grassy green meadow as soft as a sheep a cute little girl named Marlén, was getting her picnic ready for lunch. On cherry in an apartment a girl named Vanessa was in her room brushing her hair getting ready to meet Marlén so they could eat lunch. The two girls liked a cute boy as cute as the stars his name is Jesús.

Marlén and Vanessa were friends they had no competition but Marlén knew Vanessa liked him but Marlén doesn’t care because she is a sweet person inside.

One day Vanessa and Marlén were playing a board game at the park and Vanessa saw Jesus. Vanessa asked “will you go to the dance with me” Jesús said “Ya why not meet u at 6.”... Vanessa said “ok” At the dance they were dancing and having a great time but Marlén was not. Until some boy came and asked Marlén “will you dance with me?” Marlén said” yes I am not here with any one any way” At the dance Vanessa and Jesús AND Marlén and the boy were having a great time. Marlén was sad that she did not get to go with Jesús but she was happy that she wasn’t alone.

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