Turning Side

September 19, 2008
One special summer day a man named Diego dressed for his college graduation, he was getting his bachelor’s degree in real estate. After his graduation, Diego planned to move to Chicago and become a real estate agent. On his way out he met up with his uncle John.
“Your father was run over by a city bus in New York”; the paramedics did everything they could. But it was too late he died last night, and left you something in his will. Diego nearly fainted as he heard his uncle’s words how how… could one of the best days of his life be diminished like this? His vision grew blurry with tears and his body felt a thousand pounds heavier. As his mind raced thinking of what to do he saw the clock it read 10:04 he was late for the ceremony. His uncle helped him up to his feet. He wiped his tears with his robe, every step was a battle as he walked to the ceremony, he saw his fellow class mates all in the same dark blue robes that shined like gold in the summer sun their smiling faces eased the pain that was engulfing him every time he remembered his uncle’s words. right as he was about to sit down, his name was called he ran up to get his diploma as he stared down at the seats he saw the one that had been reserved for his father it was empty like his heart was right now. It was too much; he chocked in a river of tears and ran back to his dorm room. He lay their motionless nearly 2 days when his father’s lawyer came in, “I see you heard the news” said the lawyer.
“Yes I did and why are you here”?
“Your father left you something in his will”.” Oh yes my uncle told me before.
“Lets go back to my office I’ll read you the will.” Diego sat down in the lawyer’s office as soon as he did the lawyer began reading the will then his inheritance 50,000 stocks in over 10 companies and business’ his eyes widened, the lawyer continued “these stocks are the to be claimed at the World Trade Center in New York, September 11, 2001. He never new his father had so many stock originally his father had only 1500 stocks in 3 different companies, his father was rich.

Diego drove back to his dorm room and began to pack his things. He would need to be in New York in 2 days after he finished packing he drove to the airport and bought an 1000$ ticket for New York “A small price to what he was getting” now he had to wait and rest. Diego awoke stunned he was in a plane people were screaming he saw out a window it crashed! “AWWW!!!!” he awoke sweating in terror and ran to the bathroom he started to calm down. “It was only a dream.” He felt weak and ill he heard his father’s voice telling him not to go. Diego made up his mind, he wasn’t going. He called an agent in New York “Are you mad? Your father left you a fortune!”
“I’ve made up my mind” Diego said then he heard something in the background the agent screamed and connection was lost.
“What was that?!” Diego said to himself then his friend Josh ran in the Twin Towers were falling Diego turned on the TV. It was true he was alive, it was over. Now 7 years after this horrible tragedy Diego is a successful real state agent he married a woman named Cinthia and lives in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chicago.

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