What Happened That Halloween Night

September 19, 2008
By Nastalzia Walden, Boise, ID

It was 10:30 on Halloween night, 3 kids that were all 8 years old were going trick or treating. One was named Freddy and he was dressed up as a Princess, another kid was named Chucky and he was dressed up as a fairy, and last but not least the last kid was named crystal and she was dressed up as Scream.
They had just left the house and they saw a really big line at this house. They wandered what it was, so they stood there and waited for a couple of minutes to see what the people were giving out for a treat. They soon realized that it was whatever treat you liked KING SIZED! They got really excited and got in line, but then they saw there friend leave crying and they asked him what was wrong? He said it’s that man. They asked him what’s wrong with that man, but the second after they asked him he ran off hysterically balling. They started to get terrified, but they decided they wanted the candy soo much they stayed in line. Once they got to the door they saw it was there best’s friend’s house. There best friend asked them what kind of candy they wanted. All three of the kids started yelling what kind they wanted. They all got two pieces of king sized candy. When they left they realized why there friend had been crying because they were crying to. They all were crying out of graciousness.

Then they all started telling scary stories. They told this scary story that has been going around town about the old Jensen’s house. The story about the Jenson’s is that they took children that went to their house and turned them into stone, or they froze them and then ate them after they were out of food because it would last them about a week and if it was a chubby one two to three weeks. After they were done telling the story they came upon the Jenson’s house. Freddy and Chucky were both all excited to go up there and get some candy, but crystal said that she would stay in the driveway. The two boys went up to the house and when they came back Crystal was GONE!!
They went searching up and down the neighbor hood to find her and then they thought that the old Jenson’s took her. They went up to the Jenson’s and demanded their friend back.
“Give us are friend back!” said Chucky. The Jenson’s said that she was in the vault downstairs. They went down to the vault and looked all around for her. They told the Jenson’s that they were liars, so the Jenson’s told them that she was in the freezer. The two boys looked it was freezing in there… No crystal. They decided that the Jenson’s didn’t take her. They left the house and started to walk down the driveway. They saw a statue that wasn’t there before. They went over to see it. It jumped out at them. Then they saw it was there friend crystal. They asked her what happened to her.
She said nothing “I am perfectly fine”. They asked her why she had vanished, and why the Jenson’s said they took you. She told them “I asked them to”.
“What!” The boys shouted, how could you do that to us? I’ll tell you my version while we finish trick or treating. So they had a great rest of the evening, and ate candy until they were sick. The End

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