September 19, 2008
One nice summer day a young man named Jeremiah was riding his skateboard around in Cleveland, Ohio when he saw this kid he didn’t know riding a skateboard across the street. Jeremiah decided the kid looked pretty cool so he decided to go say hi.
The kid said ‘Hey dude, what’s your name?’ ‘Jeremiah’ he responded.
Then Jeremiah asked what the kids name was, the kid said Bob, Jeremiah knew he was lying. The next day he told Jeremiah his real name, Matt. They stared hanging out and they went to the skate park a lot.

They could skate really well but they were nervous to try to get sponsored, but they decided that they would make a video. Two days later they took their video to crazy (the local skate shop) to get sponsored. The guy liked it. They got sponsored!

Three months later they went to a skate competition in Springfield, Illinois. Matt was doing a course that has a bunch of spines and ramps and two quarter pipes. Jeremiah was doing the half pipe that is giant at least 23 feet tall! Matt did an awesome 540 varial heel flip over a spine!

They both first place in that competition. They did many more competitions but some of them were as professional skateboarders. Jeremiah is sponsored by Element and Matt got sponsored by DGK. They are still friends but they are more competitive against each other because they are pros and need to win more than ever because they get more money and better stuff such as skateboards and clothes. Jeremiah is 23, he drives a pink Saturn Sky and has a 24 year old wife that drives a lime green VW Jetta and they live in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Brooklyn, New York.

Matt lives in a 6 bedroom 3 bath cabin on the Mt. McKinley he drives an awesome 2008 Corvette but he also has a Hummer 3. And his girlfriend Misty drives a Mercedes Benz S500.

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