Draco The Dragon

September 19, 2008
Once upon time there was a dragon, the young dragons name was Draco, Draco was the king dragons son and he thought he could do any thing cause he was the kings son an one day he was mad at his dad an decided to take a flight. On his flight he thought to him self.
I think I have to find a good place to go to have fun so Draco found a hide out hidden treasury in the water fall. Well ever day after that Draco would go to the water fall a hang out in the treasury gold. But one day Draco went to the water fall when King Arthur’s men discovered the treasure of the water fall. Draco filled his body with rage redder that a chilly pepper Draco took a deep breath and blew fire hotter than the flames of hell toward the men. Then quickly the men cowardly ran back to the castle leaven there horses to burn in the burning fire. Even though the men took all the treasure Draco was still happy he had his.

On accident Draco fell asleep mean while the men were complaining that the dragon has to be killed , very well said king author dispose of him when Draco woke up he couldn’t help but notice he was surrounded by Author’s men . quickly Draco flew away but by the time he was in the air 4 men shot him with barbed arrows Draco let out a YELP!!!!!!!!!! …with pain. Draco made it away but with a life threatening injury. Draco went back to the dragon land there he was lectured badly by his father. There Draco has learned a great lesson.

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