Who Did It

September 19, 2008
One day a kid named Toni was going to his school listening to his ipod
And he though someone him was watching so he started to run to school. He got to school and he was happy for once in his life. That day at lunch he was telling everybody about his ipod. Well after school he was going to listen to his ipod then he figured out that it had been stolen. So he goes to his friend James,

” Have u seen my ipod I can’t find my ipod anywhere?”

And James said,” No I haven’t sorry I will tell u if I do though.”

So as he was walking home and his stomach started to hurt so he sat down to take a breath cause he has been stressed out, then he got up slowly and started to walk in pain. When he got home he went strait to his room trying to hide the scared look in his pale face. That night he got finished with his homework he went strait to the shower. He came out the shower and his mom said

,” Come here, what the mater u seems sad”


Toni said the next morning he got to school and he asked the principal has she seen his ipod and she said,

” Yes it was by a blue back pack”

And he said,
” That’s my backpack”
As he showed them? The principal gave him his ipod and after school he told his mom and she said,
” I wouldn’t have been mad if u told me”
After she said that he took a long pause and said,”


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